Credits for Music Courses

Gonzaga University, like most American higher education, has adopted a variant of the traditional "Carnegie Unit" as a measure of academic credit. This unit is known in the University by the familiar term, "semester credit," and is the primary academic measure by which progress toward a degree is gauged. It is recognized that such a unit measures only a part, albeit a major part, of a composite learning experience, based upon formally structured and informal interactions among faculty and students.

In general, music courses follow the credit hour standard adopted by the University: one semester hour of credit is given for one period of lecture (50 minutes) plus two hours of student preparation each week for a minimum of 15 weeks per semester.

Musical ensembles are regarded as laboratory courses: one semester credit given for a minimum of two 50 minute periods minimum of supervised rehearsal time per week, in addition to the required performances each semester.

Applied lessons require a 30 minute one-on-one session with the instructor each week plus three hours of practice outside of class each week for one semester credit. All upper division applied lessons require one full hour of instruction and 5-6 hours of practice each week.

In order to earn credit during a summer session, students must attend approximately the same number of class hours, make the same amount of preparation, or master the same amount of material as they would to earn one credit during the regular semester.

There are several music courses required by music majors that carry 0 credit. The successful completion of each of these courses indicates a certain measure of proficiency or an accumulation of knowledge/body of work attained. They are designed as assessment “mileposts” for students as they progress toward completion of their major in music. The number of 0 credit courses required of any particular student depends on the chosen music degree concentration.

  • MUSC 240 – Piano Proficiency Exam
  • MUSC 241 – Upper Division Applied Exam
  • MUSC 325 – Junior Recital
  • MUSC 332 – Choral Conducting Lab
  • MUSC 333 – Instrumental Conducting Lab
  • MUSC 425 – Senior Recital
  • MUSC 426 – Composition Senior Portfolio
  • MUSC 491 – Thesis/Oral Comprehensive Exam
  • MUSC 499 – Senior Thesis

The number of credits which each music course carries is provided in the course description section of the Gonzaga University Undergraduate Catalogue. The courses are listed in numerical order within the various departments. Credit information for individual courses, including any variation from the standard above, is indicated in each course syllabus made available to students at the beginning of the academic term.

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