Scholarship Opportunities

Gonzaga University and Whitworth University Army ROTC Incentives

These incentives are given to all Army ROTC scholarship winners:

  • Fully paid Dorm Room for all scholarship students
  • Fully paid Boarding (Meal Plan) for all scholarship students
  • $600 a semester for books for scholarship students
  • Monthly stipend (non-taxed) paid to all scholarship students:$420 per month
  • $40 waiver of university application fee if Army ROTC scholarship applicant
  • Work study programs for non-scholarship ROTC students



Four Year and Three Year Advanced Designee Scholarship Opportunities

This is the scholarship program for Seniors in High School who wish to participated in ROTC in college and obtain financial assistance to reach that goal. Scholarship recipients are interviewed by the Professor of Military Science of each of an applicants top three prospective schools and then may be offered a scholarship based on their performance among their peers. Once an applicant accepts a scholarship, they must attend the school that offered the scholarship or they will lose their scholarship offering.

Applications can be started at

Two Year and Three Year On-Campus Scholarship Opportunities

This is the scholarship program for Freshman and Sophomores that are already at a university but wish to participate in Army ROTC and compete for a scholarship. You may also receive a two year scholarship for graduate school, to include law school. These scholarships are awarded, if available, following an interview with the Professor of Military Science on your prospective campus and you must compete for them amongst your peers. Compression programs are available for sophomores who are a year behind but wish to graduate on time with their class. Basic Camp attendees often receive preference over those applicants who do not attend Basic Camp. For more information about basic camp click on the link to Camp Adventure. The Professor of Military Science on-campus would love to hear from you if you are interested. Feel free to call any time or drop an email message.


Nursing majors may apply for Army ROTC nursing scholarships at Gonzaga. They will then become an Army nurse full time after commissioning.

Green to Gold

The green to gold program allows those active duty enlisted soldiers who display leadership quality to attend college and be commissioned as a second lieutenant. For more information contact Mr. David McRae at (509) 313-6517 or