Army Nursing

Nurses Garosi and Yingling pose for a photo in a hospital in Germany




2, 3, and 4-year scholarships are available to nursing students

All scholarships provide:
  • Tuition/fees: up to $17,000 per year
  • Books: $600 per year
  • Monthly tax-free stipend during the school year. ($250/month as a freshman, $300/month as a sophomore, $350/month as a junior, $400/month as a senior)
  • University incentives: some schools offer additional incentives for scholarship winners (i.e. free room and board, out of state tuition waivers, etc.)
Criteria for Scholarships: 
  • United States Citizenship
  • High School Graduate with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Physically fit and medically qualified
  • Under 31 years of age on 30 June of the year you graduate from college
  • Good moral character


Students can participate in ROTC without a scholarship and will receive a monthly stipend starting their junior year, currently $350 per month (up to $3,500 per year) for their junior and $400 their senior year.

Army Nurse vs. Civilian Professional

Approximate salary (without dependents) including housing & subsistence allowance:
Starting: $48,000 After 2 Years: $61,000 After 4 Years: $78,000

Compare Your Future

Civilian Professional
Army Officer
Vacation Two weeks per Year 30 Days per Year
Sick Leave Limited Unlimited, with full pay and allowances
Medical/Dental Possible Professional Discount FREE
Travel At Own Expense Military facilities around the world and space available flights overseas
Recreation At Own Expense Officers Club, golf courses, fitness centers, etc. at reduced rates. Planned family activities
Continued Education Possible Reimbursement Programs available for tuition Army pays 75-100% of all tuition cost
Retirement Social Security at 62 and own retirement plan Eligible for retirement after 20 yrs. Active service
Pay Raises As determined by civilian institution Automatic raises every 2 years
Shopping Civilian stores Reduced prices at Base Exchange and Commissary, Garden Shop, etc.
Relocation Allowance At Own Expense Household goods moved at government expense, plus moving allowances
Life Insurance At Own Expense $400,000 term policy for only $29 per month
Job Security Seniority lost when relocating SECURE! Your security moves with you!


You are about to begin an exciting career as an Army Nurse Corps Officer.
Please enjoy your time in ROTC.
We look forward to you joining our team!