Hazing Awareness and Prevention

Hazing Prevention and Education

Effective the 2022-2023 academic year, Gonzaga students and employees  will complete an educational program on hazing awareness, prevention, intervention, and the University’s hazing policy.

Training is required for incoming students during new student orientation, returning students and employees at the beginning of each academic year, and new employees at the beginning of each academic term. Educational materials about the dangers of hazing, Gonzaga’s hazing policy, and how to report incidents of hazing are also provided to University affiliated student groups. 

Access the Anti-Hazing Training page for more information. 

Gonzaga University Anti-Hazing Expectations: 

Traditions provide reminders and context of Gonzaga University’s past and hopes for the future. Such rituals are to always be deeply rooted in mutual respect and dignity, and not through activities that harm or humiliate.

Hazing is inconsistent with Gonzaga’s mission as a Jesuit, humanistic University and is strictly prohibited. Review these expectations in the University’s hazing policy.

Duty to Report:

If, as a result of observations or information received in the course of employment or volunteer service, any employee, including a student employee, or volunteer the University has reasonable cause to believe that hazing has occurred, the employee or volunteer must report the incident, or cause a report to be made, to the Resolution Center for Student Conduct and Conflict. The employee or volunteer must make the report at the first opportunity to do so.

See the University’s hazing policy for more information.





Hazing Violations Report

Effective the 2022-2023 academic year, and in accordance with WA State House Bill 1751, Gonzaga University publicizes a University Hazing Violation Report

The report includes findings of violations after August 1, 2022. Findings of violations are publicly reported for five years.


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