Conflict Resolution Services

Conflicts are a part of relationships. Learning to manage differences more effectively while respecting the dignity of all the parties involved is an important like skill. Conflict Resolution Services empower Gonzaga University students to gain positive interpersonal skills and explore solutions in a low-level, inclusive environment. Conflict Resolution Services are voluntary, neutral, and private and assist students when conflicts, disputes or issues arise.

Some benefits of Conflict Resolution Services include: 

  • Identify personal interests and the interests of others.
  • Increase problem-solving skills.
  • Engage in self-reflection.
  • Greater capacity to manage conflict.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Understand the impact of actions.
If you have a conflict that you aren’t sure how to resolve, our Conflict Resolution Services may be a good place to start. Call our office or use the request form to get started. Once we have your information, you will be connected with a Conflict Consultant to learn more about our services.