Workshops provide students with tools to live a life congruent with the mission and values of Gonzaga University. These workshops are available for students to voluntarily participate in and may be assigned as an outcome of a resolution process. 


Deeply seeded values, motivations, and beliefs guide our everyday decision making in small and large ways. “Live Your Values Everyday” (LYVE) is a workshop that uses the Personal Values Assessment to help students reflect on these beliefs and values thereby translating unconscious motivators into living a more committed and authentic life.

Contact the Resolution Center to learn more about completing the LYVE workshop.

False ID Research Paper & Workshop

The False ID Research Paper provides students with a better understanding of the risks and dangers associated with False ID cards. They will receive a personalized knowledge-base related to a topic of their choosing, associated with False ID cards. The follow-up provides students with the opportunity to dig deeper into their own topic and reflect on their learning through a conversation with a professional in the Resolution Center.

Contact the Resolution Center to request more information. 


Students who have repeatedly violated University policy or could benefit from extensive and individualized attention regarding decision making appropriate for the Gonzaga community may be assigned Integritas. Students assigned to this outcome will be able to identify and articulate personal, Gonzaga, and Jesuit values, demonstrate critical reflection on their decision making practices, and develop goals and an action plan to achieve those goals. Students in Integritas meet weekly for five weeks and then present a final project after their 5th class on their “way of proceeding”.

Contact the Resolution Center to request more information. 

Alcohol and Other Drugs

The Office of Health Promotion provides opportunities for students to reflect on and discuss the role substance use plays in their life. Visit the Office of Health Promotion website to learn more about the workshops.