Magis Mentoring

Getting Started

For your assigned Magis Mentoring, you will need to meet with a mentor the number of times specified in your Student Conduct Outcome letter. 

Please select a mentor* from the list below that you would like to meet with and contact them inviting them to be your mentor. Here is a list of details you should include in your first outreach:

  • Number of required meetings.
  • Three (3) possible times to meet for your first.
  • The due date of the outcome.
  • What you hope to get out of mentoring.
  • Ask if they are open and available to be your mentor.

Your first choice of mentor may not have the time or capacity to serve as your mentor. Please be prepared to select another mentor from the list if they are unable.

Mentor meetings should be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly interval and will last about 45-60 minutes. Meetings should not be closer than 4 days together to allow for reflection between meetings.

*Only mentors who are on the list may be used to complete this outcome. If you know a university employee who you believe would be a good mentor, please let the Resolution Center know so that we can connect with them as they may be able to serve in future mentorship opportunities.

After your final mentorship session

Your mentor will inform our office of the number of sessions you have completed together. At this point the outcome is considered complete.

We invite you to complete a brief assessment/evaluation of your mentorship outcome.

List of Mentors


Photo of Candace Williams
Candace Williams

Hi, I'm Candace! I work in Mission and Ministry and it is a true delight to walk with students during their time here at GU. I love to be active and creative whether it's walking, jogging, or playing and writing music on guitar, piano, and ukulele. I talk about the Lakers and In-N-Out Burger a lot too, because I'm a Californian. 


Photo of Jim Simon
Jim Simon

Hi, I’m Jim and I love to run the trails around Spokane with my dog Chewie and collect and listen to vinyl records. I’m really enjoying listening to Ty Segall lately—check him out! I’ve also become somewhat of an expert on Pokemon through osmosis from my seven year old son! I love to learn about people and listen to their stories. I am glad to chat about anything you’d like, which could be the challenges of growing up, meeting expectations (yours or someone else’s), or the challenges of depression and anxiety. I’m excited to hear your story, so let’s meet!


Photo of Sierra Pancoast
Sierra Pancoast

Hello! I’m Sierra and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you more. If there’s a mountain, you’ll find me either skiing or hiking. Prior to working at Gonzaga, I was a certified Wilderness First Responder and spent time in a lot of our national parks. I enjoy spending time outdoors because I appreciate the ability to reflect on the goals and relationships in my life. I like the chance to think about how I can be a confident decision maker and hold true to my own values. This is not always easy since I’m juggling various expectations from friends and family, but I prioritize my independence. Being outside also gives me the chance to unplug and step away from the many commitments I have. It’s so easy to become over-involved and I find peace in being in a new environment and stepping away from the chaos to gain new perspectives. Let’s get together and chat!


Patrick Kearns photo
Patrick Kearns III

Hi, I’m Patrick!  I’m an International Student Advisor at GU.  Having taught in China for the last five years, I developed a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the joy of learning from different traditions and customs.  In my free time, I continue to study Chinese, I’ve developed an interest in trading stocks, and when I’m not studying or trading you can find me playing video games with friends or exploring nature.  I firmly believe in assuming good intentions, taking the time to analyze situations, and seeking growth opportunities and new perspectives.  I’ve gone through a lot of trials in life, so I feel like I can truly connect with you and help guide you through challenging times. I look forward to meeting you!


Vicki Weaver photo
Vicki Weaver

Hi, I’m Vicki!  I am a part of the Center for Student Academic Success and enjoy working with students as they decide what “success” looks like for them.  I’m an animal lover, and have four cats – so, yes, you could say I’m that quintessential Cat Lady.  I find the Spokane area perfect for walking, hiking, and taking drives through the hills of the Palouse to little towns that have great vintage shopping. Before beginning my career at Gonzaga, I was a school Principal in Australia, and also worked with University students studying to become teachers and migrant professionals hoping to teach in Australia. Through my own experiences, I am extremely aware that life isn’t easy right now – decision-making, dealing with finances, balancing study, work and friendships, managing mental health concerns…. If I am able to be a sounding board for others experiencing challenges, I’m definitely here for that.  Be in touch!


beth hickey picture
Bethany Hickey (she/her/hers)

Hi, I’m Bethany! I am one of the Assistant Directors in the Resolution Center, but before that I worked in various public and community health settings at GU and throughout the community. My topics of expertise were sexual health, healthy relationships, personal boundaries, and violence prevention. When I am not at work, I am spending time with my family. I have three kids who keep me busy with all kinds of sports, swimming, and other activities, so I love talking with people about their hobbies. Social justice issues are near and dear to my heart, so it’s also likely you’ll see me at marches, city council, or school board meetings in my spare time. My favorite way to spend my “me time” though would have to be reading a great book that has ZERO to do with work, school, or self-help. If it doesn’t have dragons, fae, or aliens, I am not here for it. College is an exciting time, figuring out who you are going to be and what you are capable of. That growth typically includes some challenges, mistakes, and new situations you are not sure how to navigate. I am happy to walk beside you on this journey!


Joshua Somrah photo
Joshua Somrah (he/him/his)

Hi! My name is Joshua Somrah, but I also go by Josh, and I am looking forward to getting to know you more through this process. I grew up and did all of my schooling in New York, but I moved across the country in 2021 to be a Residence Director here at GU. Through my work here I have become a mentor to and advocate for many students on campus, especially our Students of Color. In my free time I enjoy going for walks around campus and going to the movies at the AMC Downtown. I am happy to chat with you about whatever you would like and to support you as best as I can during our time together here at GU. I am aware that college can be a challenging time for many students as they have to juggle multiple aspects of their lives and identities, but I hope to be able to help you navigate your college journey in a positive way. If you want to chat with me, feel free to reach out!


Ben and dog pic
Ben Chu (he/him/his)

Hello! My name is Ben, and I'm living out my dream job as a Specialist for Ecological Spirituality with our Office of Mission and Ministry where I get to give students opportunities to deepen their relationships to the sacred in people and planet. Before this, I was a wildland firefighter for eight years which shaped my awe and reverence for the power of nature. I've also found healing through periods of solitude in the wilderness. I enjoy woodworking, making traditional Korean tea, and hiking with my wife and kids. I see the university journey as a liminal space - a place of "betweenness" in which there's an abundance of room for exploration, growth, and transformation. I am deeply grateful and privileged to be able to accompany students in this journey, and if you feel that I could be of service to you as a mentor, you are most welcome to contact me.