Principles & Values

Gonzaga University’s Student Code of Conduct requires students and student groups to act with respect, honesty, and integrity at all times. In accepting Gonzaga University’s offer of admission, students agree that they will conduct themselves in accordance with these standards as well as the law. The Gonzaga community's spirit of Jesuit education encourages its members to consistently strive for magis, meaning greater service to a universal common good in all that we do. Our Ignatian heritage teaches us that we learn from our mistakes, develop our gifts, exhibit care for ourselves and each other, and devote ourselves to the common good. The University’s Jesuit tradition of cura personalis calls members of the community to demonstrate a mature concern for others. This includes taking action in situations such as persons in need of medical attention, individuals who are exhibiting threatening behavior, or persons appearing overly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. When students encounter these situations, appropriate actions may include notifying University or other officials and getting assistance for the person in need.

Gonzaga University’s Student Code of Conduct is rooted in upholding these institutional values. It is designed to stop and redirect inappropriate behavior that is harmful or disruptive to the community, and to support a positive living and learning environment for all. When a student’s or student group's actions fall short of this we will challenge them toward more mature behaviors that are appropriate for our intellectual community.

The Student Code of Conduct is educational in nature and not intended to be adversarial. As with classroom or academic participation, the process is centered on helping students understand the natural and logical consequences of their behavior and is designed to develop independent, critical, and reflective thinking and self-advocacy skills. Additionally, in order to encourage students to cultivate behaviors that reflect good judgment and maturity, the Student Code of Conduct holds students and student groups accountable for their own choices and behaviors, especially those that negatively impact their personal development, Gonzaga's living and learning environment, the campus and neighboring community, and the University’s reputation.

Last updated: 8/3/22