Conduct Outcomes

If it is determined that a student is responsible for a violation of a University standard of conduct, the nature of the violation, the circumstances surrounding the violation, the student’s prior conduct history (if any), the impact of the misconduct on the community, and conduct outcomes assigned to previous findings for such violations, will be among the factors considered in determining an outcome.

The Resolution Center and/or its designee(s) are not limited to the assignment of conduct outcomes listed in the Student Code of Conduct and the University reserves the right to impose additional and/or different conduct outcomes.

i. Administrative

1. Conduct Probation: A status for a specified period in which a student’s conduct is under review. Violations of University expectations and policies while on Conduct Probation may result in suspension or expulsion.

2. Fees or Fines: A monetary amount assessed to a student’s account, not to exceed $1,000.00.

3. Housing Probation: A status for a specified period in which a student’s on-campus housing status is under review. Violations of University expectations and policies while on Housing Probation may result in residential restrictions or removal.

4. Policy Review: Written notification of policy reminders.

5. Restitution: Financial payment to the University for amounts assessed or incurred as a result of a Student Code of Conduct violation. Restitution payments between individual students, groups, or other parties are not sanctioned, mandated or administered by the University.

6. Warning: Written notice to a student that their behavior is incongruent with University standards of conduct. Future misconduct may result in an elevated University response.

ii. Restrictions

1. Loss of Privilege: Denial of specific privileges for a designated period of time or exclusion of a student from events or ceremonies.

2. Contact restriction: Communication or contact limitations or prohibition with another member(s) of the University community.

3. Residence-related restrictions within University Housing: Restriction, relocation, or removal of a student from University housing.

4. Ban: Excluding a student from University premises or specific University facilities, events, or ceremonies.

iii. Developmental

1. Educational Program or Workshop: Assignment to an educational program or participation in a workshop

2. Civic Service: Community service

3. Educational Project: Research project, reflection prompt, reading, or other assigned learning experience

4. Meetings: Scheduled meetings or other conversations

iv. Status-based

1. Expulsion: Permanent separation of a student from the University

2. Revocation of Admission and/or Degree: Revocation of admission to or a degree awarded from the University.

3. Suspension: Separation of a student from the University for a specified period, with associated conditions for readmission.

4. Withholding Degree: Withholding a degree pending completion of student conduct proceedings, including the completion of all sanctions imposed, if any. The University reserves the right to withhold a degree permanently.

Last Updated: 8/22/19