Student Code of Conduct

In keeping with Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic philosophies, Gonzaga University holds a high standard of conduct for its students and community members. The spirit of Jesuit education is to consistently strive for magis, meaning actions and decisions that better serve the universal common good, and to do so with attention to the whole of a person—intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Gonzaga’s expectations of conduct are designed to develop students into persons who lead lives of leadership and service for the common good. This is a high calling, beyond the basic standards of our society.

I. Principles & Values

II. General Provisions

III. Definitions

IV. Standards of Conduct & Policies

A. General Standards of Conduct

B. University Policies

C. Other University Regulations

V. Administration of the Student Code of Conduct

A. Administrative Guidelines

B. Initial Review of Complaints

C. Procedural Rights & Protections

D. Student Conduct Resolution Processes

E. Conduct Outcomes

VI. Alternative Resolution Processes

VII. Appeal Procedures

VIII. Administrative Action & Involuntary Withdrawal

A. Administrative Action

B. Involuntary Withdrawal Policy