Annual Security Report

The safety of all members of the campus community is of vital concern to Gonzaga University.  Information regarding crime prevention advice, the law enforcement authority of Campus Security, policies concerning the reporting of any crimes which occurred on the campus (and other specified locations), other security and safety-related policies, as well as the crime statistics for the most recent 3-year period may be found in the 2023 edition of the Campus Safety and Security Guide and Annual Fire Safety Report.

The 2023 Gonzaga-In-Florence Safety & Security Guide is also available.

A paper copy of the Campus Safety & Security Guide and Annual Fire Safety Report or the Gonzaga in Florence Safety & Security Guide may be obtained by contacting the Student Life Office on main campus, College Hall 120.  The Florence Guide may also be obtained on the Florence campus in room 105.

If you are searching for information related to University expectations of student conduct previously published in the Student Handbook, please redirect to the Student Code of Conduct.