COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements



Spring Semester 2022 Update 

Gonzaga is requiring all campus-based students, faculty, staff and administrators to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, and is additionally requiring booster doses for those who are eligible. 

More information is below. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please contact the Gonzaga University COVID Hotline at (509) 313-7070.


All campus-based undergraduate, graduate and law students must submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or exemption in order to participate in in-person, campus-based instruction, programs and activities. In addition, those who are eligible to receive a booster (meaning it has been 5 months since the final dose of Moderna/Pfizer or 2 months since the singular Johnson & Johnson dose), must submit documentation of a booster within two weeks of eligibility. Students who fail to comply with this requirement may have a hold placed on their enrollment.

The University expects all members of the Gonzaga community to get vaccinated. Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination serves the common good; it is not only important for one’s personal health, but it is also our responsibility to care for the common good of our university and broader community, getting a vaccine is one way to do so.

We know that the COVID-19 vaccine is a sensitive subject, and we want you to know that we are here for you with resources and support if needed.

*Students in programs that are offered partly on campus/in person must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Students in graduate programs that are offered exclusively online are not required to submit COVID-19 vaccination proof or documentation.

The University's FERPA/HIPAA-compliant process for receiving proof of student immunizations has been modified to include COVID-19 vaccine status. The process to upload your status is easy:

  1. Click on the COVID-19 Student Vaccination Portal button below.
  2. Enter your Gonzaga University login username and password.
  3. Follow the steps in the portal to indicate vaccination status and upload your documents.
Vaccine verification process

We recognize that our students may be at different stages of their vaccine verification journey. As such, please see the three categories below for information based on your current status update:

I already updated my vaccine status in Medicat. Do I need to do anything else?

Thank you for updating your documentation! The last thing we need from you is to upload your updated vaccine card with your Booster information and enter the date you received your booster into Medicat. 

Enrollment holds

A hold on your enrollment means that you will not be able to register for or drop classes, attend classes, or access facilities on campus. When a hold is placed on an account, an email will be sent to that student. Once you complete vaccine documentation, including your booster dose, and it is verified the hold on your account will be lifted.

For any additional questions, please contact the COVID-19 Hotline at (509) 313-7070

Vaccination & Documentation Deadline

Thank you to all of our students who have uploaded your vaccine status, including your booster dose, and documentation.

Exceptions & Exemptions

Vaccination or exemption is required

Zags, please understand that you must submit proof of vaccination (including a booster) or submit an approved religious or medical exemption in order to attend Gonzaga. Exemptions must be signed both by the student and their healthcare provider.


For international students, we understand if you are not able to get vaccinated prior to your arrival at Gonzaga. In those cases, we will have vaccinations available for you when you arrive on campus.

If you are a graduate student who will never visit campus during the year, you do not need to submit vaccination documentation and this deadline does not apply to you. 


On June 17, 2021, Gonzaga announced it will require COVID-19 vaccination for all faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as students and on December 30, 2021 announced that boosters are required for all eligible students, faculty and staff.. Exemptions may be requested for medical or religious reasons. All employees are required to submit documentation or attest to their status.

More information, including the full announcement, FAQs, instructions for submitting or attesting to vaccination status can be found on myGU, our student, faculty, and staff intranet.