COVID-19 Protocols for Fall 2022 [and Spring 2023]

The protocols and other COVID-19 information contained in this message, still apply to the Spring 2023 semester, as does information in the FAQ and other sections of this site

TO: The Gonzaga Community
FROM: Sacha Kopp, Provost
SUBJ: COVID-19 Protocols for Fall 2022
DATE: August 24, 2022

As the Fall 2022 semester begins, I am writing to provide information about Gonzaga’s plans and protocols regarding COVID-19, most of which are continuations from last semester and a few of which are updated given current CDC guidance. A complete set of our protocols is available at the ZagOn website.

As announced August 3, students, faculty and staff continue to be asked to seek vaccination and faculty have the prerogative to require masking in their classrooms if appropriate.

In response to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidance, there are several changes in university protocol beginning this semester:

  1. On-campus students who test positive will be directed to either travel by private/personal car to isolate at their permanent residence (if they live within driving distance) or isolate in place within in their residence hall. This is consistent with pre-existing off-campus student protocol. Positive students will be provided instructions on how to follow isolation safety precautions, including proper mask use and disinfection. Gonzaga will provide additional support to roommates of positive students who are medically high-risk, which may include temporary transition into a courtesy room. More information on how to isolate can be found in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the ZagOn site. (UPDATE 9/1/22: What to Expect During Isolation and How to Isolate-In-Place guides are now available). Gonzaga will continue to provide individualized guidance and care to all students impacted by COVID-19, regardless of their housing status.
  2. The University will place accountability on COVID-19 positive students and employees to notify their close contacts that they have been exposed, and direct close contacts to the University Contact Tracing site for further instruction. University staff will continue to provide COVID-19 positive individuals with instructions on how to identify their close contacts and conduct notifications. Although the CDC has indicated that contact tracing should be limited to hospitals and certain high-risk group-living situations such as nursing homes, we will continue to support contact tracing efforts in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
  3. In accordance with newly published CDC guidance, no individual, regardless of vaccination status, will be directed to quarantine. Individuals who are exposed are expected to follow CDC guidance, including masking and testing. More information can be found on the Contact Tracing section of the ZagOn site.

In addition, Anastacia (Stacia) Lee will serve as the Campus COVID-19 Coordinator, taking over from Taylor Jordan (Lyons), who has accepted a new position at UCLA. Stacia has served as a contact tracer and health educator at Gonzaga for the past two years, and we are grateful for her expertise coming into the Coordinator role.

The University’s COVID-19 response will remain guided by its close partnership with Spokane Regional Health District and by current public health best practices, with the best interests of our students and employees in mind. We are grateful for the Gonzaga community’s commitment to fostering a safe and healthy environment for working and learning and look forward to beginning a new school year together.