Masking Policy at Gonzaga for Fall 2022

Although this announcement was made prior to the start of the Fall 2022 semester, this masking policy and guidance remains in effect until further notice. 
TO: Gonzaga Students
FROM: Taylor Jordan, MPH, COVID-19 Compliance Officer
SUBJ: Masking Policy at Gonzaga for Fall 2022
DATE: August 3, 2022

As we approach the fall semester, we want to ensure that you understand our campus protocols regarding COVID-19. At this time, a University-wide masking requirement is not being implemented. This is subject to change, however, pending infection and hospitalization rates that may influence masking requirements directed from state or regional public health officials. 

Although there is not a campus-wide requirement at this time, please be aware of the following:

  • Individual faculty are responsible for in-person classroom or labs and have the authority to direct that everyone within those environments wear properly-fitting masks while entering and attending the course/lab sessions. Expectations for mask-wearing will be clearly communicated prior to the beginning of the semester, although it is understood that expectations may change depending upon public health circumstances. 
  • Additionally, some campus offices may require mask-wearing, with signage clearly placed to indicate that masks are required. 
  • Properly-fitting masks are required to be worn in all campus healthcare facilities (e.g., Health and Counseling Services, testing clinics, quarantine/isolation facilities, etc.).  
  • Any person has the right to wear a mask for any reason, without explanation, in or on any campus facility or location, free of harassment or questioning, in accordance with Washington State law.  This includes any environment where the wearing of masks is considered optional by others. 

Gonzaga students, faculty, staff and contractors are advised to always carry a mask on campus.

It is an expectation that all members of Gonzaga University respect these protocols and continue to consider the health and safety of others in their decisions and actions.  Failure of a student to follow the direction of a faculty member or other university official may be considered a violation of University policy.

We look forward to another semester of living and learning in community with one another, and we are grateful for your continuing commitment to a healthy atmosphere for all members of our campus community.

With appreciation for your efforts to make this a great semester,

Taylor Jordan, MPH
COVID-19 Coordinator/Compliance Officer