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Course Catalog

Graduate School of Business Administration

Dean: Kenneth Anderson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs: 
Sara Kern
Coordinator of Accounting: 
M. Hoag 
Director of Graduate Accounting: 
A. Brajcich
Director of MBA Programs: 
R. Bull Schaefer  
Director of Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: 
D. Stewart
John L. Aram Chair of Business Ethics
B. Steverson
Jud Regis Endowed Chair of Accounting: 
A. Brajcich
Erwin Graue Professor of Economics: K. Henrickson
Mozillo Professor of Finance: 
D. Xu
Pigott Professor of Entrepreneurship: 
T. Finkle
Kinsey M. Robinson Professor of Business Administration: 
G. Weber
K. Anderson, G. BaroneA. Brajcich, C. Barnes (Dean Emeritus), R. BennettM. BeqiriS. BozmanR. Bull SchaeferT. ChuangK. HenricksonE. JohnsonS. KernL. KurpisD. LawP. LorozM. McPhersonV. PatilM. PepperB. SteversonD. StewartD. XuG. Weber
Professors Emeriti: 
J. Beck, D. Brajcich,  E. Birrer, P. Buller, K. Carnes, N. Chase, C. Chen, D. Elloy, J. Helgeson, K. Hickman, J. Monks, M. Shrader, M. TackettW. Teets, W. Terpening
Associate Professors: 
Y. AwotoyeJ. Correia,T. FinkleR. HerzogM. HoagC. McNellisJ. MorscheckT. Olsen,C. Stevens, A. Thatte, R. Vann,A. Voy
Assistant Professors: 
M. Banyi, K. Carston, S. Hedin, K. Kim, S. Matthews, Y. NamS. XiaoM. ZavalaY. Zhang
Senior Lecturer: 
C. DeHartA. Leithauser
J. LaBelle 

The School of Business was established in 1921 and is accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. As stated in its Mission, the School “develops professionally competent and intellectually curious graduates who exemplify the humanistic, ethical, and moral values of a Jesuit institution. We provide a challenging and supportive learning environment, with quality students and faculty marking our excellence. As part of a global environment, we promote relationships with regional, national, and international business and scholarly communities." To support the mission of the School of Business, the Graduate School of Business strives to develop in graduates the following competencies and qualities:

  1. 1) An ability to appropriately apply the advanced technical and analytical skills required for effective managerial decision-making.
  2. 2) An ability to integrate ethical perspectives and principles as well as a commitment to the common good into their conception of how business decisions ought to be made.
  3. 3) An ability to possess the interpersonal and organizational skills required to effectively manage within organizations.
  4. 4) An ability to understand diverse perspectives and the global reach of business decisions.

Degrees Offered

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