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Master of Science in Business Analytics

Application for Admission:

Foundation Courses

The following foundation (pre-requisite) courses are required for the Master of Science in Business Analytics degree. B+ or higher is required for all pre-requisites. 

  • MBUS 560 Accounting Analysis (or ACCT 260 and ACCT 261
  • BFIN 320 Principles of Finance 
  • BMIS 235 Management Information Systems

Additional pre-requisites required for the Accounting Analytics concentration.   

  • ACCT 360 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 361 Intermediate Accounting II 
  • ACCT 363 Cost Accounting 
  • ACCT 365 Federal Taxation I
  • ACCT 464 Auditing

Degree Requirements

A total of thirty (30) credits of graduate coursework is required for the Master of Science in Business Analytics degree. Students must maintain a 3.00 or better grade point average in order to progress through and to graduate from the program. Students have 17 credits of core requirements and must choose one out of two concentrations, Accounting Analytics or Business Analytics. 

MSBA 601 Fundamental Technology for Business Analytics 3 credits
MSBA 622 Data Science for Business 3 credits
MBUS 626 Info Systems Theory and Practice 2 credits
MBUS 613 Quantitative and Stats Analysis 3 credits
MSBA 623 Database Management and SQL 3 credits
MSBA 6XX Machine Learning 1 credit
MACC 601 Power Query/Ower Pivot 2 credits 
          Pick one of the following concentrations:  

Accounting Analytics Concentration

MACC 611 Audit Analytics  2 credits
MACC 664 Professional Ethics 2 credits
MBUS 633 Team Building Intensive 2 credits
Choose one of the following two courses: 1 credit 
MTAX 619 Data Automation 

MACC 604 Blockchain in Business 
MBUS 670 Foundations of Project Management 3 credits
Choose one of the following courses:
3 credits
MTAX 604 C corporation taxation
MTAX 605 Partnership taxation
MACC 660 Advance Financial Accounting
MACC 662 Accounting Information Systems 

Business Analytics Concentration 

MSBA 6XX Communication Skills: Persuasion 2 credits 
MBUS 614 Business Ethics 2 credits
MSBA 679 Predictive Analytics  2 credits
MSBA 668 Survey Design 1 credit
MSBA 686 Performance Management 1 credit
MSBA 606 Marketing Analytics  1 credit
MSBA 603 Data Visualization 1 credit
Choose 3 credits from the following
MBUS 612 Managing People and Performance
2 credits
MBUS 633 Team Building Intensive 
2 credits
MSBA XYZ Digital Marketing
1 credit
MBUS 681 Pythonic Tech for Financial Data
1-2 credits
MBUS 689 Financial Modeling & Data Analytics
1 credit


MSBA 600 Orientation
.00 credits
MACC 600 - Successful completion
MBUS 600 - Successful completion
MTAX 600 - Successful completion
MSBA 601 Fund Tech for Bus Analytics
3.00 credits
This course explores the application of current programming languages to platforms currently work to solve business problems and support business decisions.
MACC 602 - Taken before Summer 2023
MSBA 602 Comm Skills: Persuasion
2.00 credits
This course focuses on how to present results and findings both verbally and in writing to persuade stakeholders to act.
MSBA 603 Data Visualization
1.00 credit
This course will teach graduate student skills on how to use data visualization to communicate findings of analyses of different stakeholder groups.
MSBA 604 Machine Learning
1.00 credit
Data science and machine learning are increasingly applied in business contexts to automate processes and aid in data-driven decision-making. All managers, even those not intending on applying data science themselves, can benefit from learning about data science and machine learning jargon, approaches, and how common algorithms are utilized for business insights. This course introduces managers to the technical side of data science by covering the major parts of the data mining process, including data collection, data preparation, machine learning modeling, model evaluation, and model deployment. Emphasis will be placed on modeling and evaluation stages, with examples provided using Excel and the Python programming language. Some experience with programming (in any language) is recommended, but not required.
MSBA 606 Marketing Analytics
1.00 credit
This course introduces ideas around marketing analytics and how to use data to best achieve business goals. In the age of big data, marketing and business professionals are expected to make data-driven decisions that drive revenue and influence quickly and effectively. The purpose of this course is to equip students with basic concepts, skills and techniques of measuring and analyzing marketing programs and creating frameworks for re porting success metrics
MSBA 619 Data Automation
1.00 credit
An exploration of technologies based to manage financial data flows, date analytics, and date requirements.
MSBA 622 Data Science for Business
3.00 credits
A study of the data science process and theory , including data extraction, transformation, modeling and application in the business context.
MACC 622 - Taken before Fall 2023
MSBA 623 Database Management
3.00 credits
Database management using sql, data modeling, project life cycle, data normalization, warehousing and manipulation.
MSBA 668 Survey Design
1.00 credit
This course teaches graduate students how to design marketing and employment surveys to maximize reliability and validity. It will teach students to use scales, demographics, and structures to maximize completion rates.
MSBA 679 Predictive Analytics
2.00 credits
Introduces business students to different business problems for which business analytics can be applied.
MSBA 686 Performance Management
1.00 credit
This course addresses current managerial issues related to performance measurement, interpretation, and feedback. We will review research in the area and current popular press articles on the use of performance reviews.
MSBA 699 Special Topics
.00- 3.00 credits
MSBA Special Topics