For New Students

Welcome to Gonzaga University! 

As you prepare for your time as a Zag, there are a few things you should know about Health & Counseling Services.  We hope this information will make your transition to Gonzaga a little easier. 

If you have additional questions after reviewing this page, please don't hesitate to call us at (509) 313-4052 or e-mail us at

What do I need to do before I arrive?

There are a few pre-arrival requirements and some steps we strongly suggest you take before coming to campus.

*Required*: New Student Health Clearance process in the secure online portal.

  • For students starting in the Summer & Fall 2020 semester, this is DUE July 17, 2020.
  • We require our new students to complete their New Student Health process before they arrive on campus. The required Health Clearance Process for new students will be done online through a secure online portal. New students should receive an e-mail with instructions and a link that will take them to this online medical form portal. These instructions are also available here in PDF.
  • This *requireshealth clearance includes a number of aspects, including emergency contact information, medical history, and acknowledgements of important information. Your New Student Health Clearance Process also includes our Mandatory Immunization Requirement, which must be completed before you arrive for your first semester.
  • For assistance with how to go about finding your immunization records, click on this link for help Locating your Immunization Records. 
  • The New Student Health Clearance process for students starting at Gonzaga in the Summer & Fall 2020 semester, this is DUE July 17, 2020.
  • Failure to submit these forms through the online patient portal will result in a hold on your registration. 

Recommended items to do before you arrive:

  • Get up-to-date on all routine immunizations. In addition to the mandatory immunizations, we strongly recommend that student are up-to-date on all routine vaccinations.  A list of these Recommended Immunizations is available for your review.
  • Follow our step by step instructions for ensuring you have health insurance and that you're covered in Spokane.
    While we don't require health insurance, we strongly recommend that all students have this coverage.  Even if you are covered, there are a few steps you will want to take before you arrive to ensure you are covered in Spokane. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the many services available to you through Health & Counseling Services.
  • We offer a number of services for our Gonzaga students.  More information about these services is listed in the next section.

What types of care are available at Health & Counseling Services?

At Health & Counseling Services, we offer several different types of services to support the well-being of our Gonzaga students:

Medical Services

Services available from our board-certified medical providers and advanced registered nurse practitioners
Includes special services to support the medical needs of our students

Counseling Services

Mental health services from our psychologist and counselors

Psychiatric Services

Services available from our board certified psychiatrist

How does insurance work at Health & Counseling Services?

Navigating insurance--particularly for our students who are on a parent's plan--can be a confusing process.  In order to help answer any questions you may have, please select a topic below:

Domestic Health Insurance

Information on domestic health insurance options available for Gonzaga students

International Student Health Insurance

Required for all international students
Information on our available plan and waivers for this plan

Mandatory Accident & Injury Plan

For all on-campus undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students
Supplements your own health insurance plan

Using My Insurance at Health & Counseling

Information on getting insurance reimbursement for care at Health & Counseling Services

Step by Step Process for New Students

Tips to ensure you have health coverage when you attend Gonzaga

How Does student/patient privacy work at Health & Counseling Services?

That's a great question!  Attending college is a big transition for all of our students--and for their families.  To help you better understand how we honor and maintain patient privacy while encouraging communication with parents and families, please view our brief video explanation:

What happens if a student has a health emergency while at Gonzaga?

We have several systems in place to support students in the event of an emergency while they are here at Gonzaga. If it is an emergency, students should always call 911

During business hours:

If it is an urgent situation, a routine illness or injury, or if the student wants to consult with Health & Counseling Services, they can come to our office during regular business hours. Students can always speak with a triage nurse for free and our nurse can then help them make decisions about the best steps to take.

After hours:

We have several services available to support students after hours.  This includes Resident Assistants in our on-campus housing, a system of on-call professionals, and 24/7 Campus Security and Public Safety services.  There are several care options for students after hours and during emergencies.  These services are listed here.

How do I access care if I don't have a vehicle on campus?

Great news!  Health & Counseling is conveniently located two blocks from the John J. Hemmingson Center.  Students are able to get a plethora of medical and mental health right on campus!

If students have off-campus healthcare appointments and don't have personal transportation, we have a service to assist them.  More information about our Health Ride service is available here.

Contact Health & Counseling Services

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