General Eligibility:

Students who are enrolled in an on-campus degree-seeking program are eligible* to receive care at Health & Counseling Services.  At this time, non-matriculated and Virtual Campus students are not eligible to receive care at Health & Counseling Services.

All students are eligible to purchase a flu shot during flu shot clinics held at various locations on campus each fall or to get assistance with general navigation to community providers who may be able to support them, even if they are not eligible for services at H&CS.

*If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact Health & Counseling Services at 509-313-4052.

Summer Eligibility:

If a student is eligible to receive care at Health & Counseling Services, as described above, they are eligible for services during the summer term if they are enrolled in the spring semester prior to the summer as well as the fall semester after the summer.  Students should be mindful that Health & Counseling Services has limited operations during the summer.

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal:

If a student takes a formal Leave of Absence or Withdraws from a term through the Registrar’s Office, the student is no longer eligible for services at Health & Counseling Services until they return to active, enrolled status.

Eligibility After Graduation:

Students who are eligible to receive care at Health & Counseling Services are eligible until the last business day before graduation (provided their eligibility has not changed due to other reasons such as withdrawal from the institution).  After graduation, students are no longer eligible for services unless they have enrolled in an eligible graduate, doctoral, or professional program for the next semester.

Faculty/Staff Eligibility:

Faculty and staff are only eligible for the following services:  immunizations and TB skin tests, blood testing for immunity purposes, and purchasing items in the self-care store.