Medical Services

Gonzaga University Health and Counseling Services is here to support your physical and mental healthcare needs right on campus. Our expert staff are focused on the well-being of students and provide quality care just steps away from your residence hall or classroom. Health and Counseling Services delivers your physical healthcare in a clinic setting. Providers, nurses, and other healthcare staff help diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. Our psychiatric and mental health providers afford services that are accessible for everyday concerns and crises impacting the student experience.

We strive to offer holistic, comprehensive healthcare in partnership with you. We keep you moving toward your educational goals and maintain our focus on the well-being of the whole person

About our Medical Services

  • Evaluation and treatment of acute illnesses and minor injuries by a Board Certified Family Physician or Family Nurse Practitioner.
  • Sports Physicals and general health screening for both women and men, including sexually transmitted infections (STI's)
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness Information
  • Nutrition Information
  • Lab Testing
  • X-rays May Be Ordered
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Wart Treatments
  • Consultation by Registered Nurses
  • Health education
  • Referral to Specialists
  • Expired Medication Disposal
  • Health Rides

Many students see specialists at home or in the Spokane community for ongoing care. On occasion, those providers will request blood work, injections, weight/vitals checks*, or EKGs. Health & Counseling Services can provide these services. EKGs or bloodwork requires a written order with the date and time, specific tests, diagnosis code, and provider's signature. These orders can be hand-delivered, mailed, or faxed to Health & Counseling Services. For more assistance with this process, please call us at (509)313-4052.


Students can rent crutches and wheelchairs to assist them when they are injured. While most students rent them during the business day at the Health & Counseling Services office, they are available evenings and weekends through Campus Public Safety and Security or the Rudolf Fitness Center.

Crutches require a $30 deposit and a $5 non-refundable wear-and-tear fee. Wheelchairs require a $100 deposit and a $5 wear-and-tear fee. If the student returns the equipment in good condition, the deposits will be refunded.

  • On site X-ray, but we can order X-rays to be taken at an off site facility
  • Hearing and corrective vision screenings, as well as prescriptions for corrective devices (e.g. hearing aids or contact lenses)
  • Dental care
  • Allergy injections
  • Birth control devices or contraceptives used for the purpose of birth control

Students with chronic conditions often require medications or supplies be delivered to them while at school. These supplies are usually very expensive and often require refrigeration. Students sometimes struggle to get to the mailroom to pick up their refrigerated packages due to their busy schedules. To assist with this, students can send a package in their name, care of Health & Counseling Services. The mailroom will notify us of the delivery, we will immediately pick up the package and get it into a medication refrigerator. The student can then pick up the medication at the Health & Counseling Services office within two business days.


This process does require the student sign an agreement with Health & Counseling Services. This can be found here at this link.


If you have expired medications or medications you are no longer using, you can turn them in at the front desk of Heath & Counseling Services during business hours and we will safely dispose of them. (This service is only available to GU Students.)


Please be aware that if you have a scheduled an appointment and you fail to cancel in a timely manner, you will be charged a fee of $30 or $40 for that missed appointment. That fee will be charged to your student account.

For the following:

  • $30 – Psychiatry follow-up, Low Complexity Medical appointments
  • $40 – Psychiatry intake, Physical Exam, Women’s Health, Moderate Complexity Medical appointments

Timeframe for canceling appointments:

  • Medical Appointment: 2 hours before appointment

On occasion, students require referrals to local specialists. Some of these referrals can be made without seeing a primary care provider first. In these cases, Health & Counseling Services can provide students with a list of local providers who have worked with Gonzaga students in the past. It is up to the student to confirm insurance coverage with these providers before seeking care.

In other instances, specialty services require that students see a primary care provider before they can be referred to the specialist. Health & Counseling Services can assist students with this. We can see patients, assess their needs, and complete the referral to the specialist.


Transportation to these off-campus appointments can be arranged by submitting an online reservation on the Health Ride Request page or calling the Health Ride line at (509)313-4052.


Sharps containers are available at no charge to students with chronic health issues that may require injectable medications. Students may bring their filled sharps containers to the Health & Counseling Services office for proper disposal. New containers will be given in exchange for the filled ones at no charge.


We do have many students on campus who have specific medical needs and may require assistance from Health & Counseling Services. Please don't hesitate to call Health & Counseling Services to discuss these requests. We will do our best to support students and their ongoing care plans in any way we can.