What is a ZAGCARD and where can I use it?

Visit Campus Card Services page for all the info you need.

Campus Card Services location and hours

Campus Card Services is located in the lower level of the Crosby Center, Suite 001.  Our hour of operation are M, Tu, Th, F: 8:00am - 5:00pm and W: 9:30am - 5:00pm.

How do I get my first ZAGCARD?

Students:  Visit the Submit Your Photo page with information on how to submit your photo.  Upon approval, you will receive an email with instructions on where and when to pick up your ZAGCARD.

Employees:  Upon hire you will receive a ZAGCARD authorization form.  Bring the form along with your government issued photo ID to the Campus Card Services office to be issued your first ZAGCARD.

What is the cost of a ZAGCARD?

Your first ZAGCARD is free!  If it needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, it may be subject to the replacement fee.

I left my ZAGCARD at home?

You have a couple of options: Freeze your ZAGCARD and pay the replacement fee to have a new ZAGCARD issued OR have your current ZAGCARD mailed to you. In the meantime you can get a temporary meal card from Zag Dining. This temporary card will only allow entrance to the dining hall and will not work for door access or any other function on or off campus.

If you decide to replace your ZAGCARD, you are encouraged to shred your old card so it is not confused with your new ZAGCARD.  Once a ZAGCARD is replaced, a previously issued card cannot be reactivated.

I lost my ZAGCARD how do I replace it?

As soon as you realize you lost your ZAGCARD take action to prevent loss of your funds Freeze your card. Visit Manage, Lost or Damaged ZAGCARD for instructions on how to replace your card.

Can I give my ZAGCARD to someone else to use?

No. The ZAGCARD is not transferable. For your own safety and the safety of the GU community, do not share your ZAGCARD. Your ZAGCARD not only contains personal information it also opens doors. When the card is swiped or tapped for any reason there is a record of it. Do not expose yourself or the community to fraud or potential theft. Businesses are required to check the photo on the card to be sure it matches the customer. In the event a photo does not match the customer the card can be confiscated and both the card owner and the person attempting to use the card will be subject to University disciplinary action. Show you care, don't share.

How should I take care of my ZAGCARD?

Your ZAGCARD not only has the magnetic strip on the back there is also a smart chip embedded within the card. Treat your card with care and it should last several years.

ZAGCARD care tips:

  • Do not bend or punch a hole in the card, you risk damaging the smart chip and this will result in having to replace the card.
  • Do not place labels or stickers on the card.
  • Never store the card in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat.
  • If attaching your ZAGCARD on a lanyard, a hard acrylic case is recommended. Soft cases may not protect card when placed in backpack. 
  • Leather, such as a wallet, rubbing the card directly can dull the finish making the text, image and magnetic strip difficult to read.
  • Keep your card away from electromagnetic fields such as cell phones, microwaves, televisions and other cards with magnetic strips.
  • Your ZAGCARD is not an ice scraper.
  • If you store your ZAGCARD in a phone case and set it on a wireless charger the chip in your ZAGCARD could be damaged and no longer communicate to systems across campus. Be sure to remove your ZAGCARD prior to charging.

The replacement fee will be charged for cards that have become damaged due to misuse or improper care.

I was issued a ZAGCARD as a student and now I am a GU employee, do I need a new card? 

Yes. Bring your signed Authorization Form received from HR when hired, your old ZAGCARD, and a valid government issued photo ID to Campus Card Services located in Student Financial Services, The Crosby Center lower level for your free replacement.

I can't see my Bulldog Buck balance in PaperCut.  What do I need to do? 

If your Bulldog Bucks do not appear in PaperCut, you most likely need to sync your ZAGCARD by tapping at one of the copier/printers. This action will prompt you to enter your network login to connect your ZAGCARD to your Bulldog Bucks account. If after syncing your ZAGCARD, still unable to view balance, click here.