Please expand the sections below to get more info on that topic. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, email Campus Card Services.

I submitted the Bulldog Buck deposit form, but my student does not see the funds added to their balance.  Why not?

If the student does not see the balance and it feels like you submitted the request, the final "submit payment" button on bottom of the last screen probably was not pressed to finalize the transaction.  A good indication is that if you or the student did not get an emailed receipt, then it probably wasn't fully submitted. 

I keep trying to submit a deposit, but it doesn't seem to be going through.  What am I doing wrong?

Double check your student's GU ID number.  If you do not use the correct GU ID #, then the payment will not be successful.

I tried to make a deposit multiple times unsuccessfully, now my bank shows all these charges.  How do I get this fixed?

When you submit a deposit, the first thing that Transact Payments does is send a ping to your bank to confirm this is a legitimate card and the account attached to it has sufficient funds.  When your bank receives this ping, they usually put a hold on your account for the funds, which shows up as a pending transaction.  When you complete the transaction successfully, Transact Payments sends another ping to your bank to alert them the transaction completed and to debit the funds.  When the transaction was not successful, Transact Payments will not send the final ping to your bank .  When your bank doesn’t get that final ping after a few days, they will remove the pending charge.  We have no control over how long your bank holds the funds as a pending transaction.  That is their failsafe to ensure customers funds are earmarked for attempted transactions.  

We recommend if you are not sure if it is going to go through, to submit a smaller amount first and upon success submit another deposit for the balance.


I have a meal plan, it's the beginning of the term and I only got $500 of my Bulldog Bucks balance.  How do I get the rest?

Each student will receive $500.00 in Bulldog Bucks regardless of the Resident Meal Plan selected (every plan includes at least $500.00). After the Resident Meal Plan change period ends, students selecting a Resident Meal Plan which provides more than $500.00 in Bulldog Bucks will have the difference added to their balance the following week. Voluntary deposits (not part of a Resident Meal Plan) will be available immediately.

Where can I view my Bulldog Buck balance?

You can view your balance in the ZAGCARD tile in Zagweb or by downloading the eAccounts App.

How do I get a refund of my Bulldog Bucks balance?

Refunds are only issued to cardholders upon graduation, withdrawal, end of employment or end of affiliation.  Active employees and registered students Bulldog Bucks balances continue to roll over from term to term.  Please visit our Managing your Bulldog Bucks Upon Your Departure page for more information.

I think I was overcharged on a Bulldog Buck transaction, what is my next step?

You can submit a dispute by filling out the Bulldog Buck dispute form.

I'm a family member. How do I check my student's Bulldog Buck transaction history and balance?

Only the cardholder has access to their Bulldog Buck balance and transaction history.  We do not provide Bulldog Buck balances or transaction history to anyone but the cardholder.  You will need to work with your student for that information.  They can easily see their Bulldog Buck balance on the eAccounts App or in the ZAGCARD tile in Zagweb.  On the eAccounts website version, cardholders also have the ability to do advanced searching and download monthly statements. 


Do I turn my ZAGCARD into housing?

No.  Your ZAGCARD should remain with you for the entire time you are on campus.  That card is yours.  You may or may not have money loaded on that card and door access is assigned to you.  You should not be turning your ZAGCARD in.  Housing issues temporary keycards and they require those to be turned into them.  That is not your ZAGCARD. 

How do I get my first ZAGCARD?

Students:Visit the Submit Your Photo page with information on how to submit your photo.  Upon approval, you will receive an email with instructions on where and when to pick up your ZAGCARD.

Employees:   HR will send us the authorization to proceed with your ZAGCARD.  Upon receiving the authorization from HR we will set you up in our photo upload software and send you an invite via email that has a "Submit Your Photo" button that you can click to be taken directly into our photo upload software where you will be prompted to upload both your personal photo and then your government ID.

What is the cost of a ZAGCARD?

Your first ZAGCARD is free!  If it needs to be replaced due to loss or damage or it was stolen, it may be subject to the replacement fee.

Do I have to pay the replacement fee if my card was stolen?

Yes.  We follow the same process as the Washington State DOL where replacing your stolen ID is subject to the replacement fee.

I left my ZAGCARD at home?

You have a couple of options: Freeze your ZAGCARD and pay the replacement fee to have a new ZAGCARD issued OR have your current ZAGCARD mailed to you. In the meantime you can get a temporary meal card from Zag Dining. This temporary card will only allow entrance to the dining hall and will not work for door access or any other function on or off campus.

If you decide to replace your ZAGCARD, you are encouraged to shred your old card so it is not confused with your new ZAGCARD.  Once a ZAGCARD is replaced, a previously issued card cannot be reactivated.

Can I give my ZAGCARD to someone else to use?

No. The ZAGCARD is not transferable. For your own safety and the safety of the GU community, do not share your ZAGCARD. Your ZAGCARD not only contains personal information it also opens doors. When the card is swiped or tapped for any reason there is a record of it. Do not expose yourself or the community to fraud or potential theft. Businesses are required to check the photo on the card to be sure it matches the customer. In the event a photo does not match the customer the card can be confiscated and both the card owner and the person attempting to use the card will be subject to University disciplinary action. Show you care, don't share.

I was issued a ZAGCARD as a student and now I am a GU employee, do I need a new card? 

Yes. HR will process the authorization.  Once we receive that we will be reaching out to you to update your student card to an employee card.  Depending how current your personal photo on file is, you may also need to upload a new photo.

I was issued a ZAGCARD when I was an undergrad, but now I am attending grad school.  Do I have to pay for a new card?

No, upon starting grad school you are entitled to a new free card.  We have no way of knowing if you still have your prior card so you will need to contact us to let us know you need a new card.


Why do I also need to upload a government ID when I upload my photo?

All cardholders who receive a ZAGCARD must have their identity verified before we approve the photo submission.

Can I just email you my photo and ID instead of going through the upload process?

We do not accept photos or IDs via email.  All cardholders have to go through the upload process.  Approved photos go through an automated process to load into our card printing system and it is important that people upload their government IDs to this secure site.  If you have your images ready beforehand, you can upload both very quickly.  Make sure the file type is a png, gif, or jpeg.  

I submitted my photo but I never got an approval. Was it approved?

You will be sent an approval email once we approve your submission, but you can also check your photo in the ZAGCARD tile in Zagweb.  If your photo does not show up there then it has not been approved.  If it is not there and you did not get a denial email then there is a chance that we do not have visibility of your submission on our end.  Often times the issue is the file type uploaded was an HEIC file (commonly used with iPhones).  HEIC is not a supported file type to our software and you will need to go back into the software and upload via png, gif, or jpeg.

I'm having difficulties getting into the software, what do I do now?

If you are receiving an error regarding SSO authorization, we recommend you clear your cache and cookies and try again.  If you are still having issues, email Campus Card Services so we can help you out directly.

I can't remember if I submitted a photo or not, or if it was even approved.  How can I tell?

Check your photo in the ZAGCARD tile in Zagweb or log back into photoupload.gonzaga.edu.  If your current picture shows "Approved" then you are good to go.


I can't see my Bulldog Buck balance in PaperCut.  What do I need to do? 

If your Bulldog Bucks do not appear in PaperCut, you most likely need to sync your ZAGCARD by tapping at one of the copier/printers. This action will prompt you to enter your network login to connect your ZAGCARD to your Bulldog Bucks account. If you are still unable to view your balance after syncing your ZAGCARD, click here.

I replaced my ZAGCARD and now I can't print, is there something wrong with the new card?

Your new card should be fine, but you will need to sync your ZAGCARD by tapping it at one of the copier/printers. This action will prompt you to enter your network login to connect your ZAGCARD to your Bulldog Bucks account.  You should now be able to view your Bulldog Buck balance in Papercut and use the printers.