Be Ready With Your Valid Government ID

Verifying ID

Sample of a valid government ID

Identities are always verified before we distribute anyone's ZAGCARD.

  • We verify the name on file with the university matches your government issued ID.
    • If your name doesn't match, you will need to update your name with the university by filling out the Request for Change of Name/SS#/Address with the Registrar’s Office if you are a student or contacting HR if you are an employee.
  • We look at the picture on the ID to confirm it is you.
  • We verify that the identification presented to us is an acceptable form of ID and valid.
    • Please Note: we do not consider the following valid:
      • Expired ID
      • Voided (hole punched in your ID)
      • Temporary/paper copies
      • An image of your ID on your phone

Acceptable forms of ID:

Not acceptable forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Military ID
  • Non-government issued IDs such as
    • Employee ID badge
    • High school ID badge
    • Costco card
    • Credit card with photo
    • Library card
  • Government issued ID without a photo

Acceptable documents in lieu of government ID

If an acceptable government photo ID is not available, all three of the following documents must be presented:

  1. Original birth certificate
  2. Original social security card
  3. A piece of mail sent and addressed to you that matches the address on file with the University

If you have not been issued a government photo ID or unable to provide all three documents, contact Campus Card Services at