Managing Your Lost or Damaged ZAGCARD

Did you lose your ZAGCARD?

Lost (or stolen) ZAGCARD

  • Immediately freeze your card in Zagweb so no one can use it.
    • Click the ZAGCARD tile
    • Click the "Freeze my ZAGCARD now" button
  • If you find your card, go back and unfreeze it.
  • If you cannot find your card and you've exhausted all efforts to find it, you will need to replace your card.
  • Upon replacement, your prior lost card will be deactivated.  If found later, please shred it.  A deactivated card cannot be reactivated.  You can always tell which is your newest card by looking at the print date on the back of the card.
Is it time to replace that broken ZAGCARD?


If your ZAGCARD is bent, cracked, broken or has visible damage and no longer works then you will need to replace your card. Some damaged cards can continue to sporadically work if the chip or antennae is partially damaged but nothing can repair the damage done.

Please note: If your card is in good shape and you can access some doors and not others then you may need to determine if the proper door access has been assigned to your card. Check with your professor or supervisor to confirm access has been granted to whatever door you are unable to access.