Information for Families

Information about our office

ZAGCARD: Our office manages the Gonzaga ID card, officially known as the ZAGCARD

Bulldog Bucks: This is the stored value account that is available to all ZAGCARD holders

Photo submission deadlines by term are the following:

  • Fall Term: July 31st
  • Spring Term: December 31st
  • Summer Term: April 30th

Card Care 101

  • Proper card care for your Zag’s ID Card is essential.  Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your Zag:

  • Do Not
    • Bend or punch a hole in your card
    • Place labels or stickers on the card
    • Store your card in your cell phone (this can burn your Zag’s chip and render the card useless on doors)
    • Store the card in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat
    • Use as an ice scraper
    • Lose the card, everyone should always have it on them
  • Do
    • Store the card in a hard acrylic case

Keep in mind that we do charge a replacement fee so it is important to talk to your Zag about proper card care and handling.


It’s very important that your Zag always has their card on them. They will use the card all over on and off campus for things such as:

  • Meal plans
  • Bulldog bucks
  • Door access
  • Library
  • Fitness center
  • Events (like basketball games)
  • Free bus transit on Spokane Transit Authority

Why Bulldog Bucks

  • Bulldog Bucks are managed by the University
  • The account is fee free and cannot be overdrawn
  • Anyone can make a deposit; they just need the GUID #
  • Students use their ZAGCARD to pay with Bulldog Bucks, which is convenient since they have their card on them all the time
  • Unused Bulldog Buck balances roll over from semester to semester and year to year.
  • Upon graduation or withdrawal from the university, the Bulldog Bucks can be refunded
  • Families prefer depositing money into their Zag’s account because they know where the money is going and know that their Zag’s have more options at places they already enjoy
  • Zag’s love the convenience factor, extra options and change to venture off campus for a much-needed break from campus life

Where does my Zag use their Bulldog Bucks?

On campus: Bulldog Bucks can be used at Thomas Hammer (in Jepson), all Zag Dining locations (including vending), the Zag Shop and at different departments across campus

Off campus: We have around 30 business off campus that also accept Bulldog Bucks, all within walking distance of campus. 

For a current list of everywhere your Zag can use their Bulldog Bucks, checked out

eAccounts App

We recommend your Zag download the eAccounts App to track their Bulldog Buck balances on the go. There is also a desktop version where they can run advanced reports.  This is a great tool for budgeting their Bulldog Buck balance throughout the term.

Your Zag can find information on our eAccounts App page.