University Resources for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Gonzaga strives to create a campus environment that is safe, welcoming, and empowering for all. Below are some of the resources we’ve established to ensure that every voice is heard and every person receives the support and solutions they need.

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Gonzaga Offices & Services

Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity (DICE)

Hemmingson Center, Room 215
(509) 313-5836

Learn more about DICE

Unity Multicultural Education Center Lincoln (UMEC)

Hemmingson Center, Room 215 
(509) 313-5836

Learn more about UMEC

Lincoln LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Hemmingson Center, Room 213
(509) 313-5760

Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Resource Center

Office of Inclusive Excellence

College Hall, Room 113
(509) 313-5873

Learn more about the Office of Inclusive Excellence

Center for Global Engagement

Hemmingson Center, Room 102
(509) 313-3667

Learn more about the Center for Global Engagement

Transfer, Veteran & Returning Adult Services (TVRAS)

Hemmingson Center, Room 211
(509) 313-5606

Learn more about TVRAS

Center for Cura Personalis (CCP)

Crosby Center, Room 216
(509) 313-2227

Learn more about CCP

Office of Mission & Ministry  
(509) 313-4242

Learn more about the Office of Mission & Ministry

Disability Access

Foley Center Library, Room 208
(509) 313-4134

Learn more about Disability Access

Center for Teaching & Advising (CTA)  
(509) 313-6953

Learn more about the Center for Teaching & Advising

Title IX

Title IX Coordinator: Stephanie N. Whaley
Business Services Center, Office 18
102 E. Boone Ave.
(509) 313-6910 

Learn more about Title IX

Council on Equity, Inclusion and Intercultural Awareness

Learn more about the Council

Campus Climate

Learn more about Campus Climate 

Center for Civil & Human Rights

Learn more about the Center for Civil & Human Rights

Jesuit Resources

Learn more about responding to racism through a Jesuit lens