Facts & Figures

Numbers cannot tell the whole story of who we are. They can, however, give us a snapshot of our current student body, staff, and faculty and the resources made available to them. Consider these figures a baseline—a place to start—in our ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive campus community. 

Race, Ethnicity & Gender Data


Snapshot: Other Information Related to Underrepresented Groups on Campus

25+ Social Justice and Culture-Themed student clubs
40-50 Monthly student visitors to the LGBTQ+ Resource Center
3 Consecutive Lavender Graduations for LGBTQ+ seniors and allies
Financial Aid Services
99% of students receive Financial Aid
722 Pell Grant recipients in the 2017-2018 academic year
Disability Access
4 Full-time staff in the Disability Access Office
1 on 1 Disability Accommodation Trainings provided for students and staff
70% of reported student disabilities are invisible