Campus Climate Survey

Academic Convocation at St. Aloysius Church

We at Gonzaga University, use the term “campus climate” to describe the cumulative and continuing perception of the extent to which students, faculty, and staff feel safe and valued. It includes attitudes, experiences, and behaviors which affect the personal development of the campus community.

The Campus Climate Committee seeks to understand and improve campus climate, to communicate the university's commitment to intercultural understanding, and to rigorously uphold standards that support the dignity, rights, and safety of university members.

To achieve this vision, the Campus Climate Committee:

  • Uses a variety of research methods and publishes the results both to the Gonzaga community and, when appropriate, to the larger community of higher educators.
  • Endeavors to sponsor and co-sponsor on-campus initiatives related to improving campus climate
  • Serves as a resource and collaborative partner with on-campus colleagues regarding intercultural issues, including providing advice and support to the University’s educational response to hate-bias incidents