Benefits to Postdoctoral Fellows

In partnership with host departments, the Office of Inclusive Excellence, Gonzaga University’s Center for Teaching and Advising (CTA), and the Jesuit Post-Doctoral Diversity Program (JPDDP) Consortium, the fellowship program aims to help postdoctoral fellows shape short-term and long-term career goals.

The program goals will be accomplished by meeting the following objectives:

Teaching Skills: Improving teaching skills, including pedagogical tools, course design, evaluation of student work, assessment, and reflection.

Teaching Philosophy: Formulating and/or refining a teaching philosophy and developing course and teaching portfolios that can be used as a basis for reflective teaching practice and career advancement, consistent with the expectations of liberal arts teaching institutions generally and Gonzaga University’s Mission specifically.

Teaching Experience: Gaining experience teaching both lower- and upper-division courses in the area(s) of expertise and potentially in inter- or cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Deepen Scholarship: Continuing scholarly work with on-campus presentations of scholarship and eligibility for funding to support travel to conferences and workshops.

Work with Undergraduates: Gaining experience working with undergraduates on scholarly research and other high-impact practices as appropriate (service-learning, blended learning).

Mentoring: Developing skills and appreciation of mentoring in academia through experiences of mentoring students and being mentored by faculty colleagues.

Be in Community:  Integrating into the Gonzaga University and Spokane communities by establishing life-long collegial connections with members of the postdoctoral cohort and members of the Gonzaga and Spokane communities.

Jesuit Postdoctoral Diversity Program

URM Postdoc fellows have the potential to join the Jesuit Postdoctoral Diversity Program Consortium, which provides new pathways for scholars from underrepresented backgrounds to obtain teaching and research experience at U.S. Jesuit institutions of higher education. 

For more information about the Jesuit Post Doctoral Diversity Program (JPDDP) Consortium visit their website.