Department of Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

Gonzaga University
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology
Degree: B.A. in Psychology

Major Objectives/Outcomes:


  1. Being able to demonstrate a breadth of content knowledge across the discipline of psychology (assessed using MFT).
  2. Being able to articulate the basic ethical principles that govern research and practice in psychology.

Scientific Literacy

  1. Being able identify and find relevant empirical research on a given topic and being able to read, understand, and evaluate that research.
  2. After reviewing research/theory, being able to ask an interesting question/develop a hypothesis.
  3. Being able to design a study to test a hypothesis.
  4. Being able to compare, contrast, integrate, and synthesize different theoretical perspectives around a given problem and identify strengths and weakness of each approach.


  1. Being able to write using the conventions of APA style.
    • Format
    • Concise, declarative, active, non-biased
    • Coherent structure, progression of ideas
    • Audience
  2. Being able to present ideas orally
    • Symposium/discussion format
    • Poster format
    • Formal paper presentation with visual aids

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