Cassy ('10) Psychology Major

Portrait of Gonzaga Psychology Department 2010 graduate Cassy

I graduated from Gonzaga in 2010 and then went on to complete my Masters in School Psychology from the University of Washington. I am now a full time school psychologist and behavior specialist in the Edmonds School District.

What I most want to say is how incredibly fortunate I feel to have gone to Gonzaga and studied under the many amazing minds that teach there. After having gone to graduate school with students who received top notch educations from around the country, I came to realize how truly special my education at Gonzaga was. Besides being taught by many brilliant, creative minds, in class sizes that were astonishingly small, I also felt personally cared for and connected to my fellow students and teachers. I remember leaving so many classes with that sense of fulfillment that comes from great thought, discussion and learning something significant, usually related to social justice. I also remember leaving countless office hours feeling calmed, emboldened, and just plain lucky to be learning from some incredibly kind and powerful women (also--some great guys too). I learned a lot from graduate school, but that feeling was never matched in the way that it was at Gonzaga.