Marisa ('12) Psychology Major

Portrait of Gonzaga Psychology Department 2012 graduate Marisa

I graduated from Gonzaga in 2012. I am currently working on my PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, and I am set to graduate in 2017. I work in a Human Learning and Memory lab, and my research specializes in testing, source memory, reconsolidation, and proactive/retroactive inference. In my free time, I dance, powerlift, and hang out with other nerdy graduate students.

I'm very thankful for the education I received in GU's psychology department, and I am constantly sharing my undergraduate experiences with my own students! Some of my favorite memories to share include the time I spent training pigeons in Dr. Leigland's class, conducting research on anxiety and cognitive functions with Dr. Medina, and working as a research assistant on cognitive load and distractors with Dr. Nelson.

I'm a Sooner now, but I will first and foremost always be a ZAG! Basketball > Football. Go ZAGS!