Professional & Graduate School Resources


Gonzaga University supports students and alumni with goals of attaining graduate or professional-level degrees. We recommend that students make ample time for discernment about graduate or professional school, and to utilize the many available on-campus and external resources at various points along their educational and career journeys.

This resource provides general information that may apply to a variety of graduate or professional programs. Please refer to specific pages for resources directly related to your pre-professional track at Gonzaga University. If you wish to contribute to the development of additional resources, please contact us.


Get Connected

Career & Professional Development: Meet with the Professional and Graduate School Program Manager to learn about appropriate resources and gain insight into the application process. Face-to-face and virtual appointments can be scheduled via Handshake, or by visiting CPD on the first floor of Crosby.

Faculty & Career Practitioners: In addition to a faculty or academic advisor, consider identifying and building relationships with professors or other mentors in a particular field of study or career interest.


Planning Resources

Standardized exams are often required as a part of the admission process. These can include: GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and others. Be sure to research the appropriate exam for your particular career path.



Students are encouraged to work with academic, faculty, and career advisors to select a major that fits their strengths and interests, and an academic progressional plan that fulfills any pre-requisite coursework for graduate or professional school.

The Center for Student Academic Success includes the offices of Academic Advising and Assistance (AAA), Disability Access, and Learning Strategies Management. Through professional advising, in-class instruction, one-to-one meetings and group advising sessions, AAA provides academic support to Gonzaga's undergraduate students.


Career Exploration

Seek opportunities to learn more about a particular academic program or career path. This may include job shadowing, informational interviewing, networking, internships, work experiences, and other professional activities.

Gonzaga University's mentoring and networking platform, ZagsConnect, helps build professional connections within the Gonzaga community of students, alumni, and friends.