Career Exploration

You can request a one-on-one appointment with a career coach on ZagsIgnite. Click the button to the right.

Sometimes students have a clear idea of the career field and position they want to pursue, but many students are still unsure about what their future might look like. That's an exciting opportunity to explore what kind of careers exist, what skills and interests you have, and what goals you want to accomplish.

Career Exploration Documents


Online Resources

"What Can I Do with This Major?"
Are you asking "What Can I Do With This Major...?" Access this database of career paths common to various majors.

Even if you are at the beginning stages of career exploration, connecting with alumni in fields you are curious about is a very smart way to learn more about that industry. Find Gonzaga-specific alumni online and send messages to ask about what it's like in their field, position, or geographic location. You can find more guidelines and tips on our Networking and Mentorships page or online at ZagsConnect.

Jesuit University Reciprocity
Contact our office and we will submit a formal request on your behalf to other Jesuit universities' career centers asking them to serve you while you prepare to reside in their geographical area.

First Destination Survey
Career & Professional Development collects and reports on the outcomes of graduating students, so we can see how students use their Gonzaga education in the real world. The report includes top employers, geographic locations, and internship employers. Check out all published reports online at our First Destination page.


Career Exploration Programming and Events

Career Labs
On the first Wednesday of each month our ProRep student leaders host an event on a different career related topic.

Personal Career Assessment Tools
Career assessments are useful to learn about specific careers connected to your natural talents and interests. The first step for taking an assessment is to meet with a career coach in Career & Professional Development. Please log into ZagsIgnite or call CPD at (509) 313-4234 in order to schedule a 30-minute appointment with the type “Career/Major Exploration and Assessments.” During this appointment we will evaluate which assessments will be most beneficial for you and give you the information for taking these assessments. Once you have met with a career coach and received your assessment information, you will compete the assessment(s) on your own, and return for an hour-long follow-up appointment.