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First Destination

What is First Destination? 

The First Destination Survey and Report provides data on where Gonzaga graduates go after college- their "first destination". Using standards outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Career & Professional Development gathers this information annually, providing the aggregate results in the spring in a report that shows:

  • Success Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Continuing Education Rate
  • Volunteer Service Rate
  • Military Service Rate
  • Still-Seeking Employment or Continuing Education Rate

It also provides information on average salary ranges, the top employers/organizations, graduate programs, and geographic locations for recent graduates. Definitions of all above terms and an executive summary is located at the beginning of each First Destination Survey Report. More recent reports also include top internship organizations and longitudinal overviews.

To review and download copies of previous reports, click on the First Destination Reports section. You can also see highlights from the most recent First Destination report by scrolling down on this page.

Class of 2021 Career Outcomes


Knowledge Rate for the Class of 2020-2021


Undergraduate & Graduate Combined Graduation Success for the Rate Class of 2020-2021


Undergraduate & Graduate Average Salary for the Class of 2020-2021


Total Employers & Organizations Recruiting in 2020-2021

2021 First Destination Survey Report

Beyond Gonzaga: Zags Setting the World on Fire

Elijah sits in front of a marbled blue backdrop wearing his blue graduation robe and white silk stole with the Gonzaga logo embroidered on one side.


Analytical Lab Support, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

I don’t feel as if I have some grand purpose in life, like curing cancer or ending world hunger. Walking on the beach, going on a hike through the forest, curling up by the fire on a snowy winter day and reading a book, these are the things that we were born to do, that makes life worth living. To this end, Gonzaga does a good job of making sure their graduates are well rounded individuals.

Michael smiles brightly in a portrait in front of a white backdrop. He wears a gray blazer and a pair of round, black-framed glasses.


Special Education Teacher, Teach for America

Gonzaga provides access to a vast network of individuals across industries and professions. Since I am not sure what my goal is yet, it allows me to explore new ideas, values, careers, and work that might lead to that purpose. I have connected with people in banking, marketing, education, and so many other fields. I know that those within this community want the best for me, my peers, and others. I can call up my former peers, advisors, professors, and anyone else in this community, knowing they will steer me in the right direction.

Isha stands in front of the bright glass windows in the Herak walkway wearing a purple sweater and her blue hardhat, which is decorated with stickers.


Pursuing Master of Science in Civil Engineering, University of Washington

Throughout all my path pivots, professors and advisors supported me in any way they could— from always being available to explore technical and career questions, to suggesting academic next steps, and providing opportunities to further my technical knowledge and industry network. Even when COVID disrupted the means by which we learn, I was still able to get the critical support I needed to apply to graduate school, gain industry exposure in my intended field of work, and construct a specialized independent study elective to explore topics relative to my future career and academic pursuits.

Kelsie exits a red phone booth with a smile, white coffee cup in hand. She wears a plaid shrug over her shoulders.


Pursuing Master of Science in Sports and Exercise Biomechanics, St. Mary's University

My life as a Zag was a journey of growth, learning, and friendship. Gonzaga presented me with ways that I was able to work on all aspects of who I am and who I wanted to become, especially through its inclusion of the mind, body, and spirit. When enrolling in Gonzaga, I didn’t realize how important having classes in all these areas would be, but as I went through a change in my major, involved myself in extracurriculars, and studied abroad, I became more and more grateful for this education.

James smiles proudly in his black graduation cap and gown, a stole with traditional designs worn in place of the white one.


Economic Development Manager, Spokane Tribe of Indians

I feel that my purpose in life is to utilize my knowledge and abilities to create a better life for future generations to come. In particular, I strive to create more and better opportunities for anybody who lives across Indian Country to have access to basic infrastructure, healthcare, a quality education, prosperous economic opportunities, and an overall happier and healthier life.

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