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First Destination

What is First Destination? 

The First Destination Survey and Report provides data on where Gonzaga graduates go after college- their "first destination". Using standards outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Career & Professional Development gathers this information annually, providing the aggregate results in the spring in a report that shows:

  • Success Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Continuing Education Rate
  • Volunteer Service Rate
  • Military Service Rate
  • Still-Seeking Employment or Continuing Education Rate

It also provides information on average salary ranges, the top employers/organizations, graduate programs, and geographic locations for recent graduates. Definitions of all above terms and an executive summary is located at the beginning of each First Destination Survey Report. More recent reports also include top internship organizations and longitudinal overviews.

To review and download copies of previous reports, click on the First Destination Reports section. You can also see highlights from the most recent First Destination report by scrolling down on this page.

Class of 2022 Career Outcomes


Knowledge Rate for the Class of 2021-2022


Undergraduate & Graduate Combined Graduation Success for the Rate Class of 2021-2022


Undergraduate & Graduate Average Salary for the Class of 2021-2022


Total Employers & Organizations Recruiting in 2021-2022

2022 First Destination Survey Report

Beyond Gonzaga: Zags Setting the World on Fire

Portrait for Gifty Minhas


Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant, West Monroe

During my time at Gonzaga University, I learned a lot about the true value of friendships. From the first day on campus to graduation day, I was surrounded by individuals who made me laugh, work hard, and become a better person. There was never a time during my undergraduate experience when I felt helpless—the community around me taught me how to persevere and grow.

Portrait of Katrina


Masters in Structural Engineering, Stanford University

Gonzaga University, with its emphasis on forming the whole person, not just the student, was a perfect fit for me. As I pursued and ultimately earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering, I was also presented with many opportunities to help others. Whether it was tutoring, volunteering at a day care for young mothers, or grading papers, there was never a shortage of ways to grow and serve.

Portrait of Lucas


Fellow for Great Oaks Legacy Charter Schools, AmeriCorps

I think my purpose in life is to help support others around me, and provide care, comfort, and safety for vulnerable populations. I’ve noticed that I feel happiest when I’m uplifting the people around me. I know the pain and loneliness of feeling un-ordinary and like an outcast, and I want to be able to help people realize that they can heal from their past and live out an individualized future for themselves. Uniqueness should be celebrated, not shamed, and I’m going to make it a goal of mine to help people, and especially young people, see their differences as valuable.

Portrait of Samridhi


Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, MultiCare Health System

Gonzaga helped me reach my goals in so many ways. I was able to find out who I am and my life purpose here. I found my passion for leadership and mentoring other students through BRIDGE and being a Scholar Lead for the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship. Also, being an Act Six Scholar was an amazing leadership opportunity for me on campus. We worked very closely with Career and Professional Department where they would come speak to us every few weeks in our class to help us with our resumes and cover letters.

Portrait of Landon


Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Neurotherapy Northwest

My education at Gonzaga provided a strong foundation on which I am continuing to build on that purpose. My professors and peers opened my eyes to knowledge and perspectives that have helped me to uncover more of my own light, which I hope to use to bless the lives of others. It was a time of hard work, self-exploration, and perspective taking, all of which culminated in the confirmation that I am part of a wonderful community as well as exciting and important work. I plan to use the education I received to do what Gonzaga did for me: educate, advocate, and uplift.

Portrait of Dana with her husband and four daughters


Owner & Founder, Thrive Group

While I intellectually enjoyed our mandatory philosophy and theology classes, I didn’t realize until much later how powerful a backdrop these disciplines are to any professional endeavor. Basically, they are indispensable. I can always learn more technical skills. But if I don’t have a central “why”, I’m just making noise. The world does not need more noise.

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