Networking and Mentorships

You can request a one-on-one appointment with a career coach on ZagsIgnite. Click the button to the right.

Networking isn't just about finding someone who will hire you- although that certainly is a possibility!- it's also about meeting people with expertise, experience, and relevant relationships to help you grow as a person and a professional. A good network helps you explore your interests, pursue your goals, expand your knowledge, and, of course, build relationships with people. You can begin pursuing these relationships well before you want to find a new position through informational interviews and mentoring. We have resources to help you do this no matter what stage of the network-building process you are in.

Networking Documents




Networking Programs

Gonzaga Alumni Mentoring Program (GAMP) on ZagsConnect
The Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) - works by providing students alumni the opportunity to connect in a Gonzaga-specific online platform called ZagsConnect. Students (or "mentees") can connect with mentors in industries/professions related to academic majors or desired career fields, much like on LinkedIn. The primary goal of the program is to establish a relationship between the mentee and mentor that facilitates informed career decision-making and the development of a network that results in increased career opportunities.

Career Fairs
Every year, Career & Professional Development offers several career and internship fairs for students and alumni to connect with recruiters, learn about career opportunities, and build professional relationships. Regular career fairs include the All Majors Career & Internship Fair, the Engineering and Computer Science Career & Internship Fair, the Post-Grad Service Fair, the Accounting Career Fair, the Undergraduate Nursing Career Fair, and the FUSE Career Fair. To see which fairs are scheduled for the upcoming year, go to the Career Fairs page or log in to ZagsIgnite and check out the event listings.

Career Treks
Treks are career and development and networking programs that create opportunities for students to connect with alumni and employers in key metropolitan areas across the country. As part of the treks, students interact with partner organizations and alumni professionals during corporate excursions, career fairs, and networking socials. Cities in the Trek roster include Spokane, New York, Seattle, Portland, London, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Denver, and Los Angeles. To see which Treks are scheduled for the upcoming year, go to the Treks page or log in to ZagsIgnite and check out the event listings.

Student Business Cards
Business cards are an easy and professional way to provide your contact information to recruiters and potential contacts. Contact our office to order Gonzaga University branded business cards with your name, major, graduation year, and contact information. Cards come in a set of 100 for $5.

On-Campus Recruiting & Info Sessions
Meet with representatives from national and regional corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and school districts when they visit campus to provide information, interview and recruit students. To see upcoming info session, log in to ZagsIgnite and check out the event listings.