Dalia Pedro Trujillo

Dalia Pedro

Dalia Pedro Trujillo

There are times in all of our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroads, with multiple paths in front of us, unsure of which path to follow. During my time in Wyoming, I found myself at a crossroad, conflicted by the choices before me, and afraid of the choices I had to make.

Roughly two years ago, I moved to Wyoming. In my mind, I would be there for a short time, then head back to Washington State and go to grad school, where I would study political science, and one day become a college professor. Those were my goals, and I did not want anything to derail them. Wyoming changed all of that.

It was in Wyoming that I found my calling for something different, for a path that was going to be more challenging, but in the end, also more rewarding. Living in Wyoming exposed me to the injustices, and the lack of resources that the immigrant community experienced. I co-founded the Immigration Alliance of Casper to present Know-Your-Rights Workshops for allies and immigrants, in English and Spanish. Slowly, I found myself frustrated by my inabilities to help individuals, all because I lacked the legal credentials. I soon found myself drawn to a career in law, to learn about the complexities of our legal system, but to help others navigate it successfully.

My passion and drive to practice law comes from my desire to serve my community, and to advocate for those who might not always be able to advocate for themselves. I did not grow up thinking I would be a lawyer. Today, that is what I am striving for, because in doing so I will be able to advocate for the individuals that I have not been able to help previously.

Gonzaga School of Law drew me in because of its emphasis on social justice, and the opportunity to focus on public service. I know this is a place where I can be successful, and where I will be supported to reach my goals. Gonzaga is the place for me to develop a better understanding of the legal system and its laws, and become an advocate for the families in Wyoming that inspired me to take this journey.