Academic Support

Ceal Division 

The Academic Success Program (A.S.P.) offers guidance, and academic support to help students succeed in law school and on the bar exam. We offer several workshops throughout the year including a 1L Exam Question Practice Series, 3L Workshop on the transition from law students to practicing attorneys, bar review mini courses and bar simulations

Students can find the A.S.P. space, called the "Think Tank" inside Chastek Law Library, nestled against the gorgeous Spokane River. The Think Tank is the heart of A.S.P., bringing to life our mission of Academic Success. This dynamic learning space brings the ZagLaw community together to provide academic and bar support services to students in a collaborative, creative and comfortable venue and upholds Gonzaga Law’s humanistic, multidimensional approach to legal education.

A.S.P. Programs, Classes & Offerings

The 1L Summer Jump Start program is an online program offered to all incoming 1L students for free. This course is designed to give students a jump start on what to expect in a law school classroom. In addition, students will be able to put new skills and knowledge to practice, which is needed to be successful in law school. The work students in the 1L Jump Start program is tied directly into class preparation for the first-year classes.
Our staff meets with students on Academic Plans throughout each semester to monitor each student’s progress to support the students in meeting the objectives of their plan.
BEST is designed to give students a head start on bar review with substantive lectures and multiple choice and essay practice questions in the areas of Torts, Property, Contracts and Evidence. Students in BEST have their practice essay questions graded by bar exam graders and receive specific feedback for four essay questions.
Faculty advisors are available to assist students in selecting courses and developing career plans. Advisors are also available to advise and assist students with respect to any academic difficulties they may encounter, including developing an individualized academic plan that suits experience and learning style. Please remember that it is always better to be proactive and to seek assistance before any problem becomes acute.

Although students will be assigned a faculty advisor upon their arrival at Gonzaga Law School, please know that all our faculty have an open-door policy and are available to advise students on a wide range of academic and personal matters.
The Smithmoore P. Myers Teaching Fellows Program (“Smitty Teaching Fellows Program”) was founded in 2017This program pairs all 1L students with 2L or 3L student mentors called, “Smitty Teaching Fellows. Smitty Teaching Fellows provide mentoring as the 1L students adjust to their first year of law school. Groups meet most weeks to discuss topics such as note taking, case briefs, what to do in Spokane, registering for 2L classes and more.
ProFound is a 1 credit class designed especially for first-year law students as a way to kickstart their law school journey and law specific study skills. The 1 credit course meets once a week for 50 minutes. This course emphasizes how to study, read and think in the ways necessary for success in law school, on the bar exam, and in legal practice. Different options for time management, taking notes, preparing outlines, and studying for exams will be presented. The course also provides students with the expectations, and tools to adhere to professionalism, in their written and oral communications, networking and public presentations, and in the development of their values and identities as a lawyer.
Upper-level law student, Teaching Assistants (TAs), work with law students to improve performance in first-year classes by providing the students group study sessions/exam reviews and guidance in the 1L doctrinal courses. Teaching Assistants are selected by the 1L doctrinal professors. They are typically students that have taken the professor's class before and have excelled in the course.
Writing for Practice and the MPT course is a course for 2L students using the MPT as the framework. The course was also open to upper-level students in the Fall.