Staff Directory

Luke Cairney

Assistant Dean of Admission
(509) 313-5532

Josie Odoherty

Josie Hollenbaugh

Associate Director of Admission
(509) 313-5532

Macie Castrodale

Macie Castrodale

Program Coordinator
(509) 313-5532

Portrait of Melissa Ramirez Kilmer

Melissa Ramirez Kilmer

Assistant Director of Academic Support and Bar Programs
(509) 313-5186


Vicky Daniels

Administrative Assistant III
(509) 313-3920  

Sarah Harmon Headshot

Sarah Harmon

Staff Director, Center for Civil and Human Rights Clinic
(509) 313-5791

Luke Cairney

Arian Noma

Staff Attorney, Moderate Means Program
(509) 313-3688

Portrait of Laurie Powers, Director, Center for Professional Development

Laurie Powers

Assistant Dean of the Center for Professional Development and Externships
(509) 313-6122


Abraham Ritter

Associate Director of the Center for Professional Development and Externships
(509) 313-5992


Nicole Wheir

Assistant Director of the Center for Professional Development and Externships
(509) 313-3090


Jolein Doughty

Program Assistant, CPDEx
(509) 313-5369

Jacob Rooksby

Jacob Rooksby, J.D., Ph. D. 

Smithmoore P. Myers Dean of Gonzaga University School of Law

Agnieszka McPeak is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Program Innovation at Gonzaga School of Law.

Agnieszka McPeak

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Program Innovation

Dodi Stilkey Headshot

Dodi Stilkey

Assistant Dean of Administration

Robbie McMillian

Sarah Guzmán

Executive Director, Gonzaga Law School Foundation
(509) 313-3738

Headshot of Jordyn Linnell

Tina Rodeen

Assistant to the Deans
(509) 313-3700


Leon Strawn

Budget & Finance Officer
(509) 313-4002


Jordyn Linnell

Marketing & Brand Manager
(509) 313-3771

Myonne Davis Nicholson

Myonne Davis-Nicholson

Manager, External Relations & Special Events
(509) 313-3742


Dominique McBroome

Manager, Dean's Suite & Faculty Support
(509) 313-3760


Brandi Estrada

Faculty Support Coordinator
(509) 313-4735


Monica Kope

Faculty Assistant
(509) 513-3091

LeeAnn Blair

LeAnn Blair 

Manager of Clinical Legal Programs/Paralegal
(509) 313-3799


Chris Crago

Assistant Professor & Director of Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
(509) 313-3808


Vicki Yount

(509) 313-3788

Anna Creed

Anna Creed

Research & Instruction Librarian
(509) 313-3864

Pam Gilchrist

Pamela Gilchrist

Catalog Librarian
(509) 313-3757

Brian Seguin

Brian Seguin

Head of Public Services Librarian
(509) 313-5151


Erika Henry

User Services Associate
(509) 313-3732


Carolyn Hood

Interlibrary Loan & Loose-leaf Manage
(509) 313-3755

Marilyn Johnson

Marilyn Johnson

Head of Technical Services Librarian
(509) 313-3761

Kim Sellers

Kim Sellars

Program Assistant
(509) 313-3781

Sarah Trummel

Sarah Trummel

Acquisitions Assistant
(509) 313-3754


Jordyn Linnell

Marketing & Brand Manager
(509) 313-3771

Headshot of Robbie McMillian

Robbie McMillian

Registrar and Director of Academic Services
(509) 313-3731


Stephanie Conlin

Assistant Registrar
(509) 313-3704


Kat Sarenac

Program Coordinator
(509) 313-3733

Susan Lee

Susan Lee

Assistant Dean of Students
(509) 313-3734

Hannah Matchell

Hannah Matchell

Student Affairs Program Coordinator
(509) 313-5270