Helen Goodteacher, COML Alumna standing in front of trees

Helen Goodteacher

COML | Communications Manager, The NATIVE Project

"The flexibility of the program allowed me to focus on what I needed to have done as a professional and as a mother but also fit my needs as a student. I learned the confidence that I needed and I also felt more passionate having a more clear direction of where I wanted to go. COML is such a broad spectrum of curriculum that you can immerse yourself into finding what works best for you as a student."

Mike McNab, COML Graduate

Mike McNab

COML | Law Enforcement Officer

“In every course there was some element of diversity, equity, and inclusion. I found that in the heat of what I was going through at work, it was a little bit challenging, but I grew into it over time, and it was truly eye opening for me,”

Sophia Iliakis

Sophia Iliakis

COML | Dir., Int'l Student Programs and Student Recruitment, Peninsula Community College

"I think the time of going for a master's degree that is inflexible is past, because the world changes so quickly, careers change so quickly and Gonzaga was the first program that I could find that was able to allow for that."

Sean Greenwood

Sean Greenwood

Ben & Jerry's | Alumus

"It was all real time learning. To be able to do programs, projects and assignments that were related to my job while I was working at Ben & Jerry's was tremendous."



COML | Alumna

Libby explains how she uses what she learned in the Master’s in Communication & Leadership program every day.

Nailah Blades

Naila Blades

COML | Alumna

"Obtaining my master's from Gonzaga gave me the knowledge and confidence to begin my career in marketing and communication consulting. I am so happy with the direction my life has taken since then."

Linda Holbrock

Linda Hobrook

Boeing | Alumna

Hear why Linda choose to travel to Cali, Colombia while a student and as an alumna.