Develop the skills and confidence to lead in a diverse and complex work environment. In this optional concentration, you will increase your self-awareness and cultural sensitivity as you learn to adapt to different cultural contexts and negotiate meaning in unfamiliar environments.


  • Analyze and understand the impact of global issues on an organization
  • Formulate a vision for change
  • Respond to conflict and difference on interpersonal and organizational levels

The successful completion of the Global Leadership Concentration will be recognized on your degree transcript.

The Concentration Consists of 4 Classes

Required Courses

ORGL 570: Introduction to Global Systems

Required Study Abroad - choose one 

ORGL 690: Communication, Leadership and Community Development  - includes study abroad in Cali, Colombia
ORGL 577: Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues: A Brussels European Forum Simulation - includes study abroad in Brussels, Belgium

Elective Courses - choose two

ORGL 510: Renaissance Leadership for the 21st Century -  includes 14-day study abroad in Italy
ORGL 517: Organizational Change and Transformation - Includes 3-day immersion offered on campus and virtually in a synchronous format
ORGL 518: Transforming Leadership
ORGL 520: Conflict Resolution
ORGL 535: Listen, Discern, Decide
ORGL 689: Leadership & Hardiness - includes 4 day immersion at Mt. Adams, WA.
ORGL 689: Global Citizenship


Heather Schmitt
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