Dr. Carolyn Cunningham teaching class

College Teaching of Communication

This optional concentration is designed for those who want to teach communication at the college level. You will develop your own teaching philosophy as you gain hands-on teaching experience through an internship.


  • Develop a teaching philosophy
  • Create a teaching portfolio
  • Execute creative course design
  • Understanding of classroom dynamics
  • Understanding of Jesuit teaching philosophy

The successful completion of the College Teaching of Communication Concentration will be recognized on your degree transcript.

The Concentration Consists of 3 Classes

Required Courses

COML 510: Communication Teaching & Pedagogy
COML 520: Internship

Electives Courses - choose one

COML 505: Digital Storytelling
COML 509:
Social Media Engagement and Analysis
COML 511: Communication Consulting and Training
COML 513: Advanced Topics
COML 515:
Relational Communication
COML 516: Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship
COML 518: Online Course Design and Teaching
COML 530: Women, Communication, Leadership
COML 550: Visual Data Communication


Heather Schmitt
Call or Text: (509) 313-6240 or (866) 380-5323
Email: schmitth@gonzaga.edu