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Digital Media Strategies

It is important to make sure your message stands out in a very crowded space and the key to your success is understanding how to use the various digital platforms at your disposal.  This optional concentration offers skills based in best practices and industry expertise.  You will gain the tools to become a creative thinker who can plan, develop, and distribute your message with compelling stories in all their forms. You will also learn to analyze and interpret key metrics in order to inform stakeholders and make strategic decisions that will maximize your goals.


• Construct Effective Media Messages
• Expertise in Digital Platforms
• Analyze Performance Data
• Visualize and Disseminate Metrics
• Understand Digital Media Policy

The successful completion of the Digital Media Strategies Concentration will be recognized on your degree transcript.

The Concentration Consists of 4 Courses

Required Courses: Select 2

COML 505: Digital Storytelling
COML 540: Digital Media Analysis
COML 545: Digital Surveillance, Algorithms & Ethics

Electives: Select 2

COML 504: Organizational Communication
COML 509: Social Media Engagement and Analysis
COML 512: Strategic and Crisis Communication
COML 516: Disinformation in the Digital Age
COML 518: Online Course Design and Teaching
COML 541: Advanced Digital Media Analysis - Prerequisite COML 540
COML 550: Visual Data Communication
COML 570: Globalization and its Impacts
COML 572: Communication, Leadership and Community Development – Includes study abroad in Cali, Colombia


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