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Strategic & Organizational Communication

This optional concentration is designed for those who want to take a closer look at the vital role communication plays within an organization. You will study relevant theory and learn best practices in strategic communication. Many of our students use their new skills to help organizations identify problems, guide change and communicate creative solutions.


  • Craft and implement strategy
  • Conduct a communication audit/assessment
  • Create internal and external communication plans
  • Facilitate interpersonal and small group communication 

The successful completion of the Strategic and Organizational Communication Concentration will be recognized on your degree transcript.

This Concentration Consists of 3 Classes

Required Course - Choose 1*

COML 504: Organizational Communication
COML 512: Strategic & Crisis Communication

Elective Courses - Choose 2

COML 505: Digital Storytelling
COML 509: Social Media Engagement and Analysis
COML 511: Communication Consulting & Training
COML 513: Special Topics
COML 514: Strategic & Applied Public Relations
COML 515: Relational Communication
COML 530: Women, Communication Leadership
COML 540: Digital Media Analysis
COML 541: Advanced Digital Media Analysis - Prerequisite: COML 540

*You may choose both required courses to fulfill the concentration requirements.


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