Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues

This study abroad course gives you the opportunity to analyze and explore complex global challenges as you collaborate to address the world’s most pressing issues. Some of the issues considered in past years include the European refugee crisis and home-grown terrorism. You will take on a leadership role as you examine contemporary global issues, analyze policies and negotiate agreements with career starters. This is an opportunity to practice strategic leadership with a multi-generational group.

This program is faculty-led and run through the Brussels European Forum Simulation. Gonzaga and federal financial aid can be applied. This course is eligible as an elective for the Global Leadership Concentration.


Heather Schmitt
Call or Text: (509) 313-6240 or (866) 380-5323


Program Details:


  • February 29 - March 10, 2024

Estimated Costs:

  • Tuition - 3 credits: Est. $3,150*
  • Study Abroad fee: $1,250*


Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Housing pre and post Old Abbey Drongen experience
  • Most meals
  • Textbooks
  • Personal expenses


The course is hybrid with online components. When you return home, you will continue completing coursework.

ORGL 577 – Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues - 3 Credits
Instructor: Adrian Popa, Ph.D.

You will participate in the Brussels European Forum and learn the fundamentals of leading in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global contexts while practicing strategic leadership integrating multinational perspectives. Develop the leadership capacity to examine contemporary global issues, comprehensively analyze policies, negotiate towards bilateral agreement and work in multinational contexts to create viable and sustainable solutions. Competencies are gained from class instruction, mentorship and coaching from an international simulation at the epicenter of the European Community, NATO and the home of various multinational institutions in Brussels, Belgium.  

This course meets the study abroad requirement or serves as an elective for the Global Leadership Concentration.

*Tuition and program fees are an estimate subject to change.