Study Abroad in Italy

Experience Gonzaga's campus in Florence with a program designed to fit your busy work schedule.

Fifteenth century Italy and Florence, in particular, saw a flowering of the arts and scholarship unmatched in history. This can be seen in the rhetoric of art and architecture, religious preaching, political writing and oratory, and in the humanistic philosophy that emerges from it.

We offer 2 classes in Florence, Travel Writing and Renaissance Rhetoric.  You may take one course or both simultaneously as you experience Italy. 

During this faculty led course, a typical day includes a few hours in the classroom and an afternoon museum tour. The evenings are yours to explore the culture of Florence.

Many of our students take vacation from work to spend approximately two weeks in Florence.  The program is affordable and you can use your financial aid toward the cost. 

Program Details:


  • May 20 - June 1, 2024 

Estimated Costs:

  • Tuition  - 3 credits: Est. $3,150*
  • Tuition - 6 credits: Est. $6360*
  • Study Abroad Fee: $2,340*


  • Shared hotel accommodations in Florence
  • Museum entry fees
  • Some group meals and excursions
  • Insurance

Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Most meals
  • Textbooks
  • Personal expenses


The courses are hybrid with online components beginning at the start of summer session. When you return home, you will continue to complete coursework.

COML 513: Travel Writing in Florence
Instructor: Tracey Hayes, Ph.D.

Italy has been a popular city for travel and the city of Florence, in particular, due to the rich cultural and historical artifacts created during the Renaissance period through the patronage of the Medici Family. This course provides an examination of the art, architecture, food, culture, and history that have shaped Florence and attracted artists, writers, poets, and architects throughout the centuries. The course is designed as interdisciplinary allowing students to find their voice and interests through museum tours, church visits, meals, and city/market walks. Students will also learn to understand the problems and current issues travel brings to countries through unsustainable tourism and how to ethically and responsibly travel while expanding their knowledge and understanding of different cultures

COML 522: Renaissance Rhetoric - 3 Credits
Instructor: Tracey Hayes, Ph.D.

This course examines written, verbal and visual rhetoric to understand the humanistic movement of the Italian Renaissance and the role it continues to play in contemporary society. Through readings, discussions, and on-site visits to historical settings in Florence, we will formulate and explore the critical questions necessary to understand these ideas and their application to today. This course will be offered every summer.


Heather Schmitt
Call or Text: (509) 313-6240 or (866) 380-5323





*Tuition and program fees are an estimate subject to change.