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Leadership and Hardiness

"Man is capable of changing the world for better if possible, and for changing himself for better if necessary". Victor Frankl

Mt. Adams Climb

What is hardiness and resilience and why can some people access it and others cannot? In this unique immersion you will be introduced to psychological hardiness through readings, team projects and a climb at Mt. Adams, the second highest peak in Washington State.

You will gain an understanding of existentialism by exploring what is meaningful and how what is meaningful, informs attitude and feeds courage during adversity, both personally and organizationally.  You will examine how leaders have both failed and succeeded during extremely difficult circumstances.

Using course readings and research you will investigate what makes an organization hardy and resilient.  You will work within a small team and as a class as you plan your expedition to Mt. Adams.


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Course Testimonials

Trevor Airey on Mt Adams

Trevor Airey

Amazon | Alumnus

“The course taught me to push myself almost to a breaking point. The whole premise of the course is those leaders that continue to push themselves they’re going to continue to expand their thresholds and their capabilities as humans, as leaders.”

Caroline Kaker

Caroline Kaker

Manager | Alumna

“I recognized right away, there’s a lot of value in also learning what it means to be an effective follower.”

Matt Darnell

Matt Darnell

Labor Leader | Alumnus

"One of the greatest things that I take away from the Mt. Adams climb is meeting the people. It's about the relationships that you build and the support systems. You'll find that everybody brings something different to your team."

Mt Adams view from wheat field