Hight Desert near Valyermo, California

Leadership and Community

St. Andrew's Abbey

Learn the power of collaboration and dialogue through the context of community. In this course you will head to a Benedictine Abbey in southern California where you will spend five days participating in life with the monks and your classmates.

During your time, you will explore the process of empowerment, collaboration and dialogue and how these are used every day to create structure and processes that sustain community.

You will find answers to questions that include: what is the meaning and purpose of life and activity? How is the need for such meaning and purpose encountered in community and how does a leader develop community to facilitate individual growth and community flourishing.


Heather Schmitt
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Course Testimonials

St. Andrew’s Abbey Refrectory Hall

Monique Visintainer

Executive | Alumna

“My time at the Abbey with Gonzaga was life changing. So much, my husband and I continue going to alumni retreats. The learning and connection with GU students and alumni and the monks is something special that I will cherish forever. So awesome that Gonzaga offers this experience through their program!”

St. Andrew’s Abbey Monk Walking

Andy O'Neill

WA Dept of Ecology | Alumnus

“Almost 13 years have passed since my visit. An experience which continues to impact me personally and professionally. I reflect often on lessons learned during my time at the retreat. Hands down one of the strongest memories I have from my time at GU.”

St. Andrew’s Abbey Kitchen

Janet Jones

Sr. IT Manager | Alumna

“I can highly recommend this course on building and sustaining community. My time at the monastery provided insight that influences how I lead teams today!”

St. Andrew’s Abbey Prayer Time at the Chapel

Kenji Nishihara

Portfolio Manager | Alumnus

“What an amazing experience it was, so insightful and I am blessed to have been a part of it.”