Gonzaga’s Master's in Communication and Leadership Studies curriculum is dynamic, our faculty are continually assessing the communications landscape and adding relevant courses.

You can customize your experience by choosing classes that interest you and will help you achieve your goals.

You can pick electives within the Master's in Communication and Leadership program as well as our Master's in Organizational Leadership program, giving you maximum choice.

Curriculum Overview

Program Outcomes

  • Apply communication and leadership theories and models to understanding and resolving complex real-world challenges
  • Enhance skills in planning, presenting and evaluating digital, written and spoken communication for maximum impact
  • Increase intercultural communication competencies that foster inclusive and equitable environments for all members of an organization 
  • Recognize and resolve ethical issues in communication and leadership in line with commitments to norms such as justice, care and pluralism
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in a sub-field of communication and leadership
  • Grow in leadership abilities by enhancing: strategic and critical thinking skills; knowledge and confidence in self-expression; relational savvy in groups and teams; and creativity and the ability to engage with ambiguity and complexity 


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