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Visual Literacy

Program Director: Matt McCormick 

The program offers one minor:

Minor in Visual Literacy

The Visual Literacy minor focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to studying photographic and video arts, photojournalism, and documentary film. The minor gives students models for thinking critically about the interpretation and impact of images in society and artistic creation, and the evolving role of video in online news and social media. The curriculum integrates experiential learning with the theories and ethics of artistic and journalistic visual creation.

Minor in Visual Literacy: 18-20 credits

Lower Division  
INMD 101 Media Literacy 3 credits
Two of the following options: 6 credits
VART 112 Digital Art Foundations (1)
VART 170 Photographic Art(1)
JOUR 270 Photojournalism
VART 272 Intro to Filmmaking
JOUR 280 Design and Editing
Upper Division 
Three of the following options: 9-11 credits
BRCO 320 Image Communications
VART 371 Art Fusion 
JOUR 374 Documentary History and Analysis
VART 408 History of Photography 
JOUR 470 Documentary Filmmaking 
VART 472 Creative Filmmaking 

See the Undergraduate Catalog department sections for individual course descriptions.

(1) Students majoring or minoring in Journalism must take VART 170 or VART 112.

*Note: Students using JOUR 470 and/or BRCO 320 to satisfy the Visual Literacy minor requirements, may not also use the courses for an upper-division BRCO, JOUR or PRLS elective course required for Broadcast & Electronic Media Studies, Journalism, or Public Relations majors and minors.