Act Six

For the Campus. For the City. For the Future.

Act Six is a leadership and scholarship program that connects local faith-based community affiliates with faith- and social justice-based colleges to equip emerging urban and community leaders to engage the college campus and their communities at home.

Marks of Success

Act Six has selected and trained 256 scholars from Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Spokane and the Yakima Valley. They represent six continents of the world; speak 32 native languages, and represent the very best emerging urban and community leadership that the region has to offer. While over 85% of scholars come from low-income households or are the first in their family to go to college, they are defying the odds with retention and graduation rates of more than 90%.

On campus, Act Six scholars are making a profound impact as they demonstrate their leadership in a wide variety of contexts. Creating award winning programs in the residence halls, founding and leading clubs and even serving as student government president, scholars are making a difference on campus. And the impact doesn't end at graduation. Act Six alumni are putting their passion and education to work back in their home communities and in other communities around the country and world.

Gonzaga University has graduated 2 Cadres of 16 Act Six scholars and currently hosts 4 Cadres with 29 Act Six scholars.


What is BRIDGE?

BRIDGE stands for Building Relationships in Diverse Gonzaga Environments (BRIDGE). BRIDGE is designed for students of color and First Generation students to enter a space that both explores and embraces all identities in support of one another. In partnership with the University mission BRIDGE allows students to develop and grow into holistic versions of themselves, while creating their own community. This pre-orientation program is designed to assist students from multicultural and/or first generation backgrounds with a smooth transition to Gonzaga University and the Spokane area.

By participating in BRIDGE students will:

  • Begin to navigate college expectations and identify resources to help adjust to college.
  • Build a foundational support network of current student leaders, staff, and faculty who are invested in student success.
  • Reflect and explore different aspects of personal identity and how that may impact the college experience.
  • Establish meaningful relationships with incoming students of similar backgrounds.
  • Stay connected throughout the academic year through mentorship and leadership opportunities with UMEC and the BRIDGE program.


Registration for all pre-orientation programs is on a first-come, first served basis. Students may only participate in one program.
**Cost Subject to Change


Scholarships are available.

BRIDGE Counselors 

Are you a current GU student who is passionate about social justice, identity development, and welcoming new Zags to campus? If so, consider applying to be a BRIDGE Counselor! 

  • Approx. 16 positions (including parent program counselors)
  • Help orient new first-year students of color and/or first generation students
  • Participate in and lead social justice and identity development related activities
  • Serve as a mentor and guide to your small group
  • This is a volunteer position with training and the program taking place the two weeks of August before orientation
  • Applications available in the Spring of 2018

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